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Iron Man

Started by pat, June 15, 2008, 18:02 hrs

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I really liked the movie. Robert Downey Jr. plays the Iron Man quite well as the rich spoiled jerk turned into a man of conscience that does his best to set the wrongs he has help to create to right. Jeff Bridges does the evil thing well as the behind the back double dealer and Gwyneth Paltrow is a great addition to the cast.

Hey I don't want to give it all away, good movie.

Dinner was a slice of Turtle Cheesecake from the South Bend Chocolate Factory. Gosh that stuff is good, all drizzled in two kinds of chocolate and caramel sauce with two pieces Turtle candy on the side.
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I still don't believe they make candy out of turtles...

Iron Man does look and sound like fun.  I'd expect we'll buy that one.  From what I've read, it's more worthwhile than the Hulk.  Seems the Hulk is a bit more formulaic (?) especially following a recent re-do.  And it seemed Ed Norton maybe wanted to appreciate it more deeply and darker and instead it just turns into the normal comic book approach halfway through.  Visually, I'd expect both are quite an eyeful but Iron Man sounded like more of a story and more complete.  Would like to know if anyone else has seen either.

I tell ya, the one I gotta figure I'm going to avoid like plague (or tomatoes) is ANYthing else/further from M. Night Shalamadamadingdong.  Criminy, did that guy apparently run out of any (6th) sense on how to make a movie with "Signs."  (aka "Crop Circles").  I've never seen a guy who can put together such stunning trailers that apparently consist of the entire 2 decent minutes of his movie.  Plus, mislead on what the real content is about.  "The Happening" looked so cool over those brief moments of people falling and walking backwards and strange happenings (duh) and I figured it must be about the Rapture or some deep cataclysmic event.  Then, read the reviews...  Geez Criminy Louise.  Talk about a story line right out of Pat's Life:  "We Are Being Attacked By Trees."  Give me a break. 

Same with "The Village": ooh, scary place keeping out the resident evil outside it WAIT NO NOT REALLY WE JUST MADE THAT UP.  And the one with whatever the fairy tale "Lady in the Swimming Pool" loada hooey one was, that amounted to much ado about nothing.  M. Night Loser, as far as I'm concerned.  Maybe he should do a TV series or made for TV film, but I'm sure not paying for that kind of misdirection.

Ace; dinner tonight is probably a ham sandwich.  Will watch TV, more than likely.
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