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Started by Karen, June 03, 2004, 17:34 hrs

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Sometimes you just need a good laugh   ;D

(Rated G of Course!)


"The Shining in 30 Seconds (and Re-Enacted by Bunnies)"

Also, be sure to check out "The Exorcist in 30 Seconds (and Re-Enacted by Bunnies) and the Pigeon Cam!

It's like Cliff Notes for the movies...re-enacted by bunnies!

Karen  :)

I'm at that awkward stage...somewhere between the young and the restless, and the old and the senseless.   ;)


Well now.  That certainly was about something.

If Southpark was inhabited by Bunnies attacking the Teen Girl Squad, I guess it'd come out pretty much like that.  And efficient, too.  

Ace: Woot. Redrum.  
Ring bells for service.


I love flash cartoons. Joe Cartoon, KillFrog, Happy Tree Friends, They all make me laugh like a dying panda. Unfortunately, I'm not going to provide the links for you... I have reservations posting links to this off-color humor in this forum, so I'll err on the side of caution.
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