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A Poast about Something. Or Other.

Started by Ace, June 03, 2004, 07:17 hrs

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Soon as you know, you tell me, ok?

* Scuzzy's Dead Poast finally bit the big one after 44 responses and innumerable attempts by Travis to resurrect it along with every other dang dead poast he stumbles upon with his giant avatar head.  Well, that's probably a mixed metaphor, isn't it... Not like his head stumbled.  It could, though.  The thing is ungainly, and can't be that coordinated just due to its size.  Ok; anyway, let's just all stay off the thing so it can remain dead.  NO, not Travis' head, dangit.  Although I'm sure there's room enough on it for all of us.  Geez, if the earth ever started to flood and freeze the day after tomorrow, I bet we could all move onto his head and be safe.  That might be a sequel in the making.  Suppose it'll be "The Day After The Day After Tomorrow" or some such thing.  Like Harry Potter VII; Harry finally bites the big one and Volmitmort Too.  Or Lord Of The Rings IV: The Return Of The Ring when they all try to pawn the thing to pay for a kegger.

* Further attempts to rename Nestorath (which is a mouthfull) after earlier permutations of Nessie, Nestie, Nestor, Nestle, Nesto and Estor will be made.

* There will be no further attempts by Dude to talk backwards, or I personally will pals him.

* The disappearance of pat from the General Discussion rooms will be investigated by me, as soon as I figure out where he went.

* The dissapearance of Bubba will be left alone until his return.

* Someday I'm gonna learn how to spell the dang word, so just lay off already.  Criminy, people here get so dang picky about spelling and grammar. Some of us aren't natural English speakers.  

* Under the "Irrational and misguided and Wholly Ineffective Ad Campaigns" we have a nominee: the KFC Chicken Chicks Movement, where hot women are shown to be enamored with hot chicken.  I don't hardly think so.

* Under "World's Greatest Mysteries" the conundrum of "Belleville Rendezvous" being nominated for awards for the lyrics, while NO lyrics are obtainable to this hit song from the "Triplets of Belleville" movie soundtrack, is mysterious.  Hence, the nomination.

* On "Poasters Extreme Makeovers" Travis' new avatar is found to be decreased in size and scope.  I hope.

* Yes, Scuzzy really does look like that.

* At least no one has confused the issue like, being known as "The Penguin" but having an avatar of "a monkey."  That'd be too weird.

* The disappearance of the Jims will be investigated, as soon as I remember how many of them there were and what the deal was.  

* For any other MIA's, I'd like to say "remember who...?"

Ace; the Jims are back. Hooray.
Ring bells for service.


I went to see the day after tomorrow it was kind of corny. Has some ok special effects, should have waited for the video.
With all the detective work you?re going to be doing we?ll have to add MPI to your long list of job descriptions.
You know, if I could find a nice little avatar with a curious little monkey I think I?d use it, either that or Tennessee Tuxedo.

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*Scuzzy's Dead Poast is at long last dead. Let us have a moment of silence for another dead poast, with candles held close, and at the ready in case Travis attempts to resurrect another poast.

*Further attempts to Rename Nestorath to anything other than Nestorath or the other, smaller, perfectly acceptable substitute he happily supplied to his dear friends at Poasters, will be met with extreme smileys.  >:( ...or angrilys)

* If Dude talks backwards, ytinaforp in another language shall spew forth in a great torrent. Nah. I'll let Ace be as friendly with Travis as he wants to be.

* Pat has taken a nap. He will return when the Ki of the universe is in synch with his personal energy.

* The Disappearance of Bubba is a deep mystery indeed, along with his comma use. (,,,,,,,,)

* The word needs to learn how to spell it's own dang self! After all, we've been spelling it correctly since time out of mind, sooner or later it needs to learn for itself.

* Cute girls with buckets of KFC, brings a uncomfortable cross association of 12 herbs and spices with Herbal Essence shampoo commercials.

....I have nothing else.
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* Scuzzy's abnormally small feet have grown abnormally large, in size...

*The un-birthday poast is trying to be caught up with mine, wich should be still going...

*Pat, predicting that tomorrow will be corny, at least it wont be raining cats and dogs, thanks pat...

*Bubba's dissaperance, wich me and Ace (of Ace 'n' Giant Head  detectives ) will check out as soon, as ace figures out where he went....

* My head has grown bigger, visually...

* People still do not know how to spell at poasters, esprecially poast...poAst, dangit....

* oh look, especially is spelled wrong

* Ace and his theory about poasts about nothing, staying as nothing is wrong, yet again, now a poast about something, oddly, about something....

* Lord of the Poasts' IV: The return of the dead poast by travis' ressurecting powers, showing everywhere, may 6th...get a free ticket!

*Since poasters do not know how to spell, they have decided to spell backwards, to make it easier....

* Ace and his panda avatars with pandas with eyes, hes still hunting pandas, yes, animated ones now, with X's for eyes, oddly...

* Dude, whoever he is, isnt smiling anymore, hes not used those in two weeks now.....

* Travis, again, whoever he is, henames himself to "Travis.", noone notices.....mabye he will go back to Goof.....

* The real Travis (I) is missing making up episodes of Dude and Good, or Dude and Bad...or Dude and Ace....

* The first "N" in neons avatar went out yesterday, fix that, Neon, and your light in your Jeep, wich you live in.....

* Dude just scrolled down and looked at
Quote* There will be no further attempts by Dude to talk backwards, or I personally will pals him.
good, Ace will be pals with me....

* Numerous periods "." have been used throuough this reply....

* The band "Yes" is making a new album, titled....."no", they say its the best album yet...

*Pat, whom is still sleeping, hasnt waken up for four days...

* Geez is spelled "Geez" (ask Ace)

* The band Our Lady Peace is also making a new album, " our person peace", they say, its better than their last one, " no Gravity on mars"

* People are bringing big blocks of broken concrete into poasters, the last one, brought by Scuzzy, wouldnt fit through the door of The Poast Office, soo its sitting by Neons Jeep....

All i have to say, for now
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Travis; dude...  Well, Travis: if I ever suggest you don't talk enough or say much I hope somebody pals me.   :-X

At least you resurrected Pat.  I guess somebody had to.

Ace; pals me hard.
Ring bells for service.


Opps, sorry, wrong thread.  Thought I was in the Poast About Nothing thread.

Karen  ;D
I'm at that awkward stage...somewhere between the young and the restless, and the old and the senseless.   ;)


Oh, Karen... in so many ways you are.

Ace; even Scuzzy's feet didn't make it through this one unscathed.
Ring bells for service.

Mark H

Quote from: Travis. on June 03, 2004, 14:01 hrs

* Lord of the Poasts' IV: The return of the dead poast by travis' ressurecting powers, showing everywhere, may 6th...get a free ticket!

The good thing about this is that May 6th is almost 11 months away. I guess that means no more poast resurrections for another 11 months.  ;D
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


Hey, I'm still around, and so are the rest of us...

I was camping with my sons at a Cub Scout camp and woke up on the morning of 04/25 with what I thought was a severe muscle cramp in my back.  No big deal, I'm a big tough macho stud, at least in my own mind.  But at work the next day, my left arm and hand became very numb and weak.  Even macho studs know this is not within God's design specifications.  To make what's becoming a long story shorter (my stories are never short...), I have a badly herniated C7-T1 disk.  The first few weeks, it was difficult to be vertical for more than fifteen minutes.  I'm now up and around more, doing physical therapy 3X/week, but it's very easy to overdo it.  I'm scheduled for surgery on 06/22.  I just wanna get it over with.

I've been lurking intermittantly, but sitting upright in a chair quickly becomes uncomfortable.  Fine motor function in my left hand is pretty lousy right now, making typing problematic (as if my typing was anything to brag about in the first place...).  Didn't mean to leave anyone hanging.

Cub Scouts.  Big tough macho stud.  How humbling...
"I shall pass through this world but once.  Any good I can do, or any kindness that I can show any human being, let me do it now and not defer it, for I shall not pass this way again."
- Stephen Grellet


Well geez Louise JimS at least you're alive, if not well.  Criminy, I was a Cub Scout and I know hard hard that drill was.  Just getting the dang neckerchief straight was a chore.  And that danged web belt...  

You could just put your computer on your chest and work that way, while you lay back and relax.  

I guess they're talking of keeping Cub Scouts in the service even if their exit date is coming up, if their unit gets called up for active duty.  The things men in uniform put up with.  Well, boys.  Well, den mothers too.  

This is quite a poast; it brought back Pat and Jim and Karen.  Maybe it could become the "Living Poast."  Or something.

Ace; I'm glad Mark mentioned Travis' date planner is last year's.
Ring bells for service.


Travis has some valid point here that I'd like to address.

*This poast is like the eternal springs of youth that are supposed to flow in Florida, but instead only brought Disneyland and eternal wallet-drain. $10 for a lemonade? Please!

* Night of the Living Poast and Lord of the Poast IV will be shown back to back. Admission is free, please pay at the door, please pull up a seat and sit on the floor.

*Due to overwhelming popularity, Nestorath69 goes through a cosmetic change and comes out ThatGuy1079. Why? Because of the fast lane, which is the left hand side of the road where I'm from.

This doesn't make sense unless you understand that I'm always driving at 15 mph in the left hand lane with my right blinker on for seven miles, peering owlishly out of one side of my car, then the other... as if my windshield was opaque. Yes, I'm ThatGuy.
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Travis has an email I'd like to address.

Geez Louise, Shaun, I thought you were That Guy for a minute there.  Or even that other guy, who used to be.  I didn't even realize it was you, until I saw that avatar blond guy so I figured if you're that guy then you're That Guy.

I think Harry Potter peers owlishly, so that might not be that bad a thing.  I've never driven in Utah, and I won't go into Colorado as I fear the law enforcement there.  I know if you were in front of me driving way too slow and blinking along I'd probably lay on the horn and gesture to you.  From what you've described, I'm thinking if you drove after a couple beers you might even do better than usual.

Also, since we're talking about big heads and intelligence, the National Spelling Bee Champion attends my old grade school.  So yeahoo for my Alma Mater.  I mean yahoo for my Alma Mater.  Since I am indigenous I probably could've gotten that last word right, too.

ThatGuy.. ThaG...Atgu10...TG(IF)...HatGuy...there's gotta be more variations.

Ace; I've never had overwhelming popularity.
Ring bells for service.


call me a ThaG again, and I'll hurl beer botles at you until Travis pukes and Scuzzy arrests me.  ;D

And I am ThatGuy. I also slip casually into an elevator when the fires are starting to burn nicely; I also operate heavy machinery while under the influence of TUMS.

Boy howdy, I'm reckless.
AMD 3200+ KT-6 Delta, 120GB WD HDD, 160GB WD HDD, (4) 300GB Seagate SATA HDD NVidia 6800FX (256MB) 1GB PC3200 Mushkin RAM


Yo, Thag.  Not sure if you meant "bottles" or "bootless."  I guess I've done both.  Especially hurling bootless after too many bottles.

I'm about to operate heavy machinery.  I'm going to mow the lawn.

Ace; the lawnmower is the "machinery."
Ring bells for service.


Quote from: Ace on June 05, 2004, 12:56 hrs
Yo, Thag.  


Ace....were you supposed to say "ThaG" again?

ThatGuy is going to be mad..... :o
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Yo, Trav.  See "date of poast"...

"June 5"

See "today's date."  Subtract difference.  Determine tape delay.  Decide what month it is, let alone week.

Yes, I know it's probably your birthday.  Besides that.

You know what the real down side is?  Now you have to puke.  Sorry; those are the rules.

Ace; hey, it's the 21st century.. When did that happen?
Ring bells for service.


Fool! I'll be hucking bottles at your head for hours and days on end!
AMD 3200+ KT-6 Delta, 120GB WD HDD, 160GB WD HDD, (4) 300GB Seagate SATA HDD NVidia 6800FX (256MB) 1GB PC3200 Mushkin RAM


ill have to drink beer for you to throw the empty's at him, whens this big partieh going on? ;D
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Beats me.  Probably about the face and head.

I have now decided to refer to TG as Huck, in commemoration of his hobby.  Maybe Hucklebottle instead of Huckleberry.  

You know; you transpose a couple letters out of that poast by Thag and you'd get a whole different passage...

Ace; still can't believe it took these guys a month to notice.
Ring bells for service.