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A Poast About Nothing

Started by Ace, May 21, 2004, 06:56 hrs

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Well, leave to Travis to not enter into the linguistic realm with something so mundane as Pig Latin.  Instead: Bizzaro Talk.  Like Bizzaro Superman, it's backwards.  The opposite.  What happens when you face mirrors all day and night.

Linguini realm, more like it.

Anyway, I'm fine. Nessie already asked me that, back when.  See "above." My foot still hurts, but I'm dealing with it.  Unfortunately I'm pretty much off beer, so I will depend on Nesrath to carry on without me.  

I don't think I could do Utah, myself.  I remember what Phil Jackson said about it, when he was coaching the Bulls and they were up against the Jazz in the finals.  That a team from Utah would be called "Jazz" is an oxymoron.

Ace; don't let your fingers go numb.  You might drop the drink as well as a few letters.  Or, drop your drink on the keyboard.  That's a mess, I know all too well.  That's when I swap mine with a coworker's.
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Travis, don't copy me. .siht ekil sdrawkcab tsaop t'noD Too much work. I was using 70% brain cycles trying to figure that all out. POh boy.

And nestorath, stop with the coronas. You've got to the point where your poasting ability is dangerously diminished.
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The only justification I have for my recent excessive imbibing is that I am done with my classes in only 30 days! I'm already looking for employment and an apartment, so the only time I have for myself is on the weekends.

I don't even remember making that last poast. Huh, go fig.  Speaking of figs, A friend of mine recently broke up with one of the Jazz girls, and i was more upset about it than he was; she was a real peach!
Ahhh, well. *shrugs* I suddenly realize there's a lot of fruit references in this poast, and that's just bananas. So I'm out.
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I suppose she'd be a lot of fun on a date, as well as a fig.

Are you staying in the vicinity or relocating?  So you date during the week but stay by yourself on weekends?  Are you drinking alone, with you and nobody else?  

I guess Diana Krall is my favorite Jazz girl.  In spite of her being sighted with Elvis.

Ace; if your poasting ability is seriously diminished you get another star.
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Well, I was originally in Colorado, but moved to Utah for college. I don't like it here, but I'm relocating because the IT has dried up in Colorado, especially since Intel decided that when they built their new plant, they'd import workers, instead of relying on the local community. All of my technixcian friends were left hanging in the loops. kind of sad, really.

Anyway, there's a good call for bench techs and tech support, and the pay is decent for my needs. I only leave campus on the weekends, where I'm able to hook up my personal computer to the Internet and surf and take care of business. Being behind...3 firewalls is limiting.

The jazz girls are 'teh hawt' and although I haven't met any of them, I'm sure they're pleasant people.

This is Poast #500, In another forum i subscribe to, Every 500 poasts is dedicated to someone, so I hereby dedicate the 500th poast to you, Ace, and to you, Travis.

Ace; you've got the bigfgest head, with Travis in close second.
AMD 3200+ KT-6 Delta, 120GB WD HDD, 160GB WD HDD, (4) 300GB Seagate SATA HDD NVidia 6800FX (256MB) 1GB PC3200 Mushkin RAM


Thank you so much for remembering my head and Travis'. I'm sure it means as much to him as it does me.

I do wear large logoed caps; I'll leave it to our readers to vote if they're caps with large logos or large caps with logos.

I like the word "bigfgest" you created; it seems like a contraction of "big fist" and "gesticulate."  I sometimes gesture at people by waving my big fist, so it seems appropriate somehow.

ACe; for a poast about nothing this sure isn't saying much.
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Yeah, im very happy about that :)
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About WHAT??!!

Your big head?  My large hat?  What happens if you read the newspaper in the bathroom mirror too many times?  Poasts that live on in the rarified air of space? People who move from Colorado and don't leave Scuzzy a forwarding address?  Why few world speed records at the salt flats are held by Mormons?  Why Jim McMahon even played at Brigham Young if he's Catholic??  

Geez big headed Louise.

Travis, you are an enigma wrapped in mystery cloaked in a conundrum sheathed in a paradox covered in aluminum foil sealed in duct tape.

And I mean that in the nicest way.   :-*

Ace; If I got it I'd get it.
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