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Started by Ace, April 25, 2004, 21:11 hrs

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Quote from: pat on May 01, 2004, 06:16 hrs
How many Texans live in Texas anyway?
Hmmm... about 100% of Texans live in texas.

Anyways, Ace: That movie you are thinking about is the Alamo or something.  Doesn't look good to me, but thats just me.  After everyone watches it I'm afraid people will start thinking we ride horses to school still.

I would post a pic to prove that all texans are as handsome as Neon.. but.. I wouldn't want anyone to be jealous.
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Ok, first off; you might be a Texan and all, and in your own country pretty much, but you still gotta spell "Poast" right if you're going to be a member of the club, dangit.

I bet Texans say "dangit" a lot.  Really.

Alright; sure.  The Alamo.  John Wayne, Fess Parker, David Bowie... fighting off gobs of better-dressed Mexicans.  Bunches of them.  I saw that film.  It was cool.  Finally the Mexicans act like their going to give up, and the Texans roll this big wooden horse into the place, like a gift... and Brad Pitt jumps out of the thing during the night, with the troops, for a surprise attack since they kidnapped Jennifer Anniston and he's all upset about it since his brother died in WWI after being shot after being mustard gassed and their dad Anthony Hopkins is upset and falling apart and Brad kills the bear that's been tormenting them and goes to jail and... and...

Ok, Russell Crowe is commanding this British ship and Johnny Depp is on the French Frigate but his crew all go to pieces if they're out in the sun, which finally gets Dracula when he gets caught up in the rigging and burns to death while Van Helsing is trying to get Tom Waits to leave the dang bugs alone for once in his life and pay attention to the situation since Keanu comes back but Dracula is looped on absinthe of which Johnny Depp is sucking down a lot while looking for Jack the Ripper, who isn't who you'd think.

Sometimes movies seem to run together, for me.  Probably because I've seen half of the ones in our DVD collection.  The first half, before I doze off.  And then the very end, sometimes.  The middle can be a blur.

Ace; I thought Texans rode mustangs to school.
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