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Pat receives special award for being fun

Started by johnamazing, May 03, 2004, 16:17 hrs

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Did ja get that?  fun.... ny.
Is Pat from NY, is the burning question?

What does Ace have to say about it all?

There's maybe some raw material for you, Ace.
Give it a go, woancha?

Meantime, here comes the special award to Pat for being funny:


Hope you were paying attention, as that WAS the award!

Not bad, eh?
Will send money as it arrives and/or becomes available.

Johnny Dolphin


I don't need raw material.  I like sushi ok, but not that much.  And you put steak tartare with e-coli, and you get a mistake.  

Pat does not need encouragement.  Nor, is he from NY.  Probably closer to Holland.  

Ace; Pat can be the toaster child of the chatroom.
Ring bells for service.


ooooo, that stings, Ace.
Now I see what you mean about your being a Poast

Didn't know you had a mean side.
Too much Tequila?


So, then, before anyone else gets a chance I?ll add??

Yes, but, looks aren?t everything.  :P

No not New York City or even upstate NY, I?ve been there, upstate. It?s kind of pretty in the summer.

I reside in Northern Michiana, about 15-20 minutes closer to South Bend than Holland.

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Geez Criminy, Johnny, I was talking to Pat.  And about him.  I know dang well where he lives, and it's not New anything.  He's just up the road a piece, and visits here sometimes.  Next time you solicit my opinion ("what does Ace have to say") expect it.  Pat and I are like that joke about the monkey and the penguin walking into the bar, and the monkey says "Criminy, you walk weird" and the penguin answers "well, you stink."  And the frog at the end of the bar looks up and says "Hey, I'm the guest speaker at the Biology Class today."

Michiana actually has distinct and convenient boundaries; it's expansive, but not cheap.  Unlike Ohio, which stretches unmercifully across time and space for days.  I was thinking of taking a week and driving to DC this year, but I can't afford the 23 days it would take to cross Ohio.  I don't have that much personal time.

And, no, not Tequila, but thanks for asking.  Jamaican Rum.  

Ace; I'm in middle Michiana, which is just south of Northern Michiana.

Ring bells for service.


haha  Yep, I try not to cross Ohio, or Ace, if I can help it.
I live in eastern O next to the O Ribber. Great MC riding roads here, or so the guys from Canada say. We concur!
This is more of a Pittsburgh terrain rather than the real Ohio of which you speak.
O seems flat and boring, for the most part. (sorry, northwest Ohio!)

In fact, I raised my dots in Pgh after I aquired them while in the Navy in Bermuda.  Left the first wife in Bermuda on a permanent Spring Break, in her mind, anyway.

Sorry about the mistaken drink ingredients.
Rum sounds butter.

Let's see... hmm, what else is on my aledged mind?
Oh, yeah....  what is this Michiana of which you sometimes speak?

Johnny D