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One Smart Dog

Started by Andrew S, April 22, 2004, 21:33 hrs

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Andrew S

Once there was this teacher who had a really smart dog, and this dog was minding his own business walking through the forest when a giant tiger starts chasing him, the dog sees a pile of bones on the ground and say "MMM, that was a good tiger", and the tiger runs the other way in fear.  A monkey up in a tree saw the whole thing and went after that tiger and asks him why he ran, and tells him he didn?t actually eat a tiger, and when the dog sees the tiger returning with the monkey on his shoulder, the dog says "Man, where?s that monkey, I sent him to get me another tiger almost 1/2 an hour ago"


This is a riot after I let it meld for a day.
Thanks for the laugh!

Andrew S


yeah, well dne again again again
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