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Ace and Dude

Started by trav, July 09, 2003, 23:24 hrs

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One day, Ace was at the IGA and Dude stopped in to pick up a JESTERS TRINING BOOK, Ace who was wearing his usual Jester hat noticed him walked over and said "hhhmmmm taking over my spot at Poasters huh?" and...someone do the next part please
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...... Ace just smiled and said:

"Well, young one, it'll take more than a trining book to take my place. The first time I trined, I was only seven years old and learned from a trin master, not a book. Quite a time for me and so long ago, trining has changed so much in these modern times, I don't believe trin is actually used any more except by us old ones."

"Yeah" Ace continued....., "Trining is a long lost art given up in the middle ages when the Jester actually had a king to jest and pleasure with his trin."

With a tear in his eye, the young Dude looked at Ace the trin master, gave a smile of respect for the old timer, and walked away dreaming of the days of trin and what will never be again.

Ace, with two tears in his eyes, smiled a silent smile, and trined his way home wondering what the young trin wanna be would end up doing with his life.

At that very moment, the sun set on the ocean horizon with a big HSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTT.


Ok, somebody else take the last part.

Chevy (if that's his real name) is right on the Trining being a lost, midieval art.  You're telling me.  It was actually one of the original Martial arts, along with Karate (open hand), KungFu, KungPao, Judo, Menudo and Kaizan (open mouth).

Trining would be what any true artist would be, in.  So, when asked "What are you up to" the Jester or whomever would answer "I'm in trining."  Of which, typically, the person would ask "for what?"  To which the Jester, or significant other, would likely say, "For my own self preservation, and defense."

Or, words to that effect.

Having been passed down purely in an oral tradition, to Trining Book was surprisingly slim.

There sure were a lot of teary eyes in that story, though.  No need of visine in that one.  I gotta know what the sun did next; that was a pretty cool special effect.

Ace; gotta get back to trining.  I might even trin the bushes, today.  
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As the sun set, Dude rode his bicycle past parked cars towards home. He had a tear in his eye as he pondered what to do. He was so distracted that he failed to notice that the chain of his bicycle lock had become entangled in a board with a nail in it. That board was no flailing along behind him, gouging holes in the tires of the cars he past. HSSSSSSSSTTTT!

That night, he lay awake, still pondering. Suddenly, inspiration struck. flashed. dawned. The next morning, he returned to the IGA news stand to find Ace.
"Ace, I've got it! We could start a life of crime! We have the perfect disguises!"

Just then, two figures dressed in capes crashed through the ceiling of IGA, and made a rapid controlled descent to the floor, using their zip lines. The one in orange leotards exclaimed,
"Holy double vision, Batman! It's the Joker! ...times TWO!"
"I see them, Robin. To be fair, they haven't committed a crime, so we must treat them as ordinary law abiding citizens."
"Yeah, I guess you're right Batman, but I just know those villainous thieves are up to no good."
"You're instincts are good, buy wonder. Let us proceed with caution and vigilance."
The caped crusaders approach the innocent but silly looking jesters, who are alternately whispering, exchanging knowing glances, and cackling maniacally, disturbing the other shoppers. Batman speaks,
"All right, Jokers...the game is up! Make your purchases and move along, or I'll have to cite you for disturbing the public peace."
"But Batman, we are just ordinary law abiding Michiana citizens, we have committed no crime.", Ace replied. Robin's eyes narrowed as he spat out,
"And just how do you intend to pay for those comic books, Jokers?! You don't appear to be carrying any money."
The jesters exchanged another knowing glance, and both began cackling...
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 "BATMAN BE GONE!!!" said Dude, waking up from a dream


Dude, who was trining for being a Jester had thought of the best joke of all (well, all that he could think of so not really the best...errr...i dont know....) anyways Dude phoned Geddy and asked him to come to his house.....after Geddy got to his house they sang Rush and Geddy Lee  songs togethor....later that day, Ace had told Dude where he lived and Dude brought Geddy over to Aces house.....oy to many words....and Ace got all scared "Its Geddy!!! AHHH!" Geddy was VERY confused.....then Dude explained to him about the two big Geddy pictures.....he understood perfectly.....Ace meanwhile was pulling all his hair out, screaming like a girl and runing  around the house....Geddy had to leave though to finish his Rush album... NEXT PART PLEASE....someone
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Okay; let's check progress so far:

Ace has:
Pulled out his hair (ok.  I wish).
Cackled (?)
Hinted he might steal a comic book.
Met Geddy Lee.  Heard him sing.  Survived.
Screamed like a girl (see: "Singing Like Geddy Lee")
Ran around my house.

Well, ok.  Sounds like a pretty typical Thursday.  What's next?

Ace; I wonder if Bubba is going to pull up in a pickup truck, and we go off on one of those adventures again...
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Dude was busy making stars for his little corner thingy at poasters on a Mac computer....there was one that was blue and orange was was a whole different colors that changed and.....ya!
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Please; someone put Dude out of my misery.

Ace; at least he gave me top billing...  ya.  
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misery eh!? its not misery....i want to be a jester!
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Look; first off...

It's the most mispelled word in the language...  

It's = contraction of It and is.  It is.  

Its = possessive of "it".  Belonging to "it."  Like "his" belongs to him, and "hers" belongs to her.  "Its" is belonging to it.

Okay; now look over your poast... which one did you want?

Yes;  "It's".  Not "Its".   For "It is not misery"...

Then:  on the subject of "You becoming a Jester"...

No.  N-O.  Not while I am he.  And you aren't he.

Only room in this town for one Jester.  That would be  Me.

As in : not you.

Thank you for asking.  We will file your application to keep you in mind for any suitable openings.  Thank you for your interest in Poasters Computer Forums.


Look; here's your part.

Poast occasionally.  Say nice things.  Link a Geddy, or Ozzy, if you must.  Keep your nose clean and typing clear.  Get your homonyms together.

Over time; yes, you can be anything you wanna be.  Except: Jester.

That would be my role.  

I started it: I became it.  I am become Jester, the destroyer of poasts.

I was here, in the Beginning.  When Quantex ruled the title.  When cheerleaders roamed free.  When all poasts merged under one common roof.  

I sent in the Clowns.  I resurrected the room.  I died, and was reborn, as the Way.  The Truth.  The Light In the Woods.   I brought the room back, and let Scuzzy take over.

Geez Louise, what was I thinking...

Otherwise:  We, who have been here since Time Immemorial:  Me.  Scuzzy.  Joanie.  Chevy.  And those, whom have been here what seems like forever: Neon.  pat.  John.  Query.  Dave: RIP.  Bear: huh?  

We are the cornerstones, of the foundation, of this.  We are the big blocks of brick which hold up the basement of the rooms above.  We are the dang cellar...

Ok.  Enough of the construction analogy.  Otherwise:  You have a distinct, useful role.  You Are Dude; he, of the perpetual birthdate.  He; of the overly large gif thingys.  He; of the reconstructed hip.  He; of the aberrant spelling and unusual take on the world .

Be: yourself.  Don't try to be me.  You Can't Handle The Truth.  I am The Sole Jester.  None Shall Come Before Me.  Or, probably, after.  

Nice try.  Good shot.  Give it up.  You ain't gonna get my job, dangit.  Plus; it's 2003, dude.  What's up with the 2004 thingy?   Is your watch fast?  Do you hate Winter as much as Bubba?  Are you skipping to the punchline, and missing the middle of the joke..?

Ace;  kids.  Buy'em books and buy'em books and all they do is eat the pictures...
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I remember them other people.

HEH! HEH! And I still got my old P-133 Quantex too :-) A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the old Q forum. I've still never had to format that thing. Actually, it goes like this.

My main computer, this one, has a backup. That backup is my Dell laptop. My Dell laptop has a backup. That backup is my old and faithful Q. The one that always runs when I kick it on. The one I still experiment with new programs on cuz it's got a heart of iron. (That big bad ole' 2.1 gig monster) Bet my CMOS battery finally dies someday and I'll have to solder one in.

I like my old Q, even if it is a bit slow. But I'd rather have a slow running computer than one really fast that don't run very good.

Speaking of nostalgia, I still have my Quantex T-shirt that were sent to three of us originals  who helped destroy........... UH, I mean, helped out with the old Q (rust in peace) chat. (Dave, and I think the other was "The King", who some of us know really wasn't a king) Dang, but I can't remember the name of the Q official who sent us the shirts.

Norm. Nermal. Bob. Rusty. None of the above.

Well, anyway, the shirt is still brand new. Probably wore it once or not once, then tucked it away safely in my drawer. Actually, it and others are protected by a .44 at the back of the same drawer.

Nope! Ain't nobody gonna touch that shirt. Or my Q. Should probably send it to Fling, Ling and Ching, or whatever the old Q owners names were, and get their autographs on it.

"If I ever get a personalized license plate, it's gonna be KG8QM" - (Said my neighbor who is a fireman and ex-cop)

I'd like to hear that one called in over my scanner :-)

I shall now go practice my Trin-jitsu-kung-rate moves.


I got it. It was hard work, but I decoded the message.

KG8QM = Kilgore Ate Quantex Machine

Strange way to personalize a plate, though.
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HEH! HEH! Close Scuzzy, but no cigar.

Well, I guess since you like the occasional cigar, go ahead and have one anyway.

Being an old military guy like yourself, I know you probably got it right off the bat. Unless military uses different phonetics.


Heh.  Chevy called Scuzzy "old."  That was cool.

Heh.  I'll smoke to that.

Ace; cagey-ate-Q-em.  KG eight cue'em.  Huh.  I guess I wish I was a military whatever, to figure this out.
Ring bells for service.