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Started by n/a, February 22, 2001, 08:46 hrs

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Well, Pete, congratulations. I thought I'd check in this morning and find you bruised and giggling from a pom pom bashing for sure.

Our resident blonde must be slipping.

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Just after poasting,to be safe,I unplugged the puter,pulled the master switch on the home main circuit board, then spent the night in a hotel well out of town.



Bear and PP, Bubba, Kitty Kat and Ace Jester,

You guys are slipping not me. Didn't you read that thing I poasted about men?? That was not meant just for Bubba.

You can't hide forever PP. Looks like it is about time for me to gather all of you up and remind you of "RESPECT" for the Cheerleader.

Who wants to go first??


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Well, who do you think wants to go first?

Whenever the pompoms come out and we have to stand in line, ol' Scuzzy runs up the back and leaps over the head of anybody in front of him. You know how he is.

I'm just glad he wears tennis shoes. If he was a golfer I'd be scarred for life.

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Anally: occurring yearly

                 Artery: study of paintings

                 Bacteria: back door of cafeteria

                 Barium: what doctors do when treatment fails

                 Benign: what you be after you be eight

                 Bowel: letter like A.E.I.O.U

                 Cesarean section: district in Rome

                 Cat scan: searching for kitty

                 Cauterize: Made eye contact with her

                 Colic: sheep dog

                 Coma: a punctuation mark

                 Congenital: friendly

                 D&C: where Washington is

                 Diarrhea: journal of daily events

                 Dilate: to live long

                 Enema: not a friend

                 Fester: quicker

                 Fibula: a small lie

                 Genital: non-Jewish

                 G.I. Series: soldiers' ball game

                 Grippe: suitcase

                 Hangnail: coathook

                 Impotent: distinguished, well known

                 Intense pain: torture in a teepee

                 Labor pain: got hurt at work

                 Medical staff: doctor's cane

                 Morbid: higher offer

                 Nitrate: cheaper than day rate

                 Node: was aware of

                 Outpatient: person who had fainted

                 Pap smear: fatherhood test

                 Pelvis: cousin of Elvis

                 Post operative: letter carrier

                 Protein: favoring young people

                 Rectum: nearly killed 'em

                 Recovery room: place to do upholstery

                 Rheumatic: amorous

                 Scar: rolled tobacco leaf

                 Secretion: hiding anything

                 Seizure: Roman emperor

                 Serology: study of knighthood

                 Tablet: small table

                 Terminal illness: sickness at airport

                 Tibia: country in North Africa

                 Tumor: an extra pair

                 Urine: opposite of you're out

                 Varicose: located nearby

                 Vein: conceited