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A blonde joke from a blonde girlie

Started by JanBellinger, April 25, 2003, 11:07 hrs

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The blonde's fella says. "Oh look. There's  a dead bird".

She looked up




So is this a real life actually happened joke?

Its not impossible, you know. Maybe the bird died in mid-flight, and crashed into a tree or a window ledge. It could happen. Now if he had said, "Oh look, there's a dead fish", and she still looked up....

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Funny :)

Also - welcome to Poasters.
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I don't get it.

It was funny, though.  Not as funny as "121" or the one where the panda dies in the end, but still funny.

Ace; I'm glad I don't have to provide the humour here.  You are, too.
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AHEM! It's spelled H-U-M-O-R.

(I luv doin thys two Ayce :-)