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Started by Ace, September 14, 2002, 19:30 hrs

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When poasts are slow and few and far between, you can always go (Downtown) to:
Ace's Greatjest Poasts!

revel in the wit and witticism and myriad of poastal perceptions through the ages and last couple weeks, including:

1.  Ace's hilarious and brilliant creation of "Penny, the Show Pig" from the Pepsi Blue Poast in response to Pat's feeding frenzy.

2. Ace's touching yet true depiction of the Indiana Flatlands from the Cat Lovers poast, including answering the musical question about the mythical land of Michigan City.

3. Ace's home improvements, as found in the "For the Record" poast.

4. Ace's stream of unconcsiousness from the Roe Vs. Wade chain.

5. Ace's killing of the immortal Pizza Poast... oops.  See "last poast"

6. Ace's stunning slight of hand, in critiquing critiqueing criticizing criticising poasting about new websites only to be reprimanded by younger yet more alert poasters only to yank most of his most vehement vitriol leaving chatroomers to scratch their heads "huh?" wondering what the fuss was about...

7. Ace avoiding like the plague any invitations to critique the newly revamped site.  Over Bubba's dead body, or poast.

8. Ace's characteristic brilliance in nicknaming Rah Rah "JRah" to make her more hip hop, at least off her left leg.

9.  Ace's saving the chatroom from any more pictures of Scuzzy, for awhile.

10. Ace's staying the h(*&6 outta the tech rooms, after some thought him serious about his suggestions, particularly his tips on overclocking and cd burning.

11. More and more to come, for your viewing pleasure and his lack of anything much better to do between rounds of Diablo II, awaiting Doom III.

So, just when you thought it was safe to venture onto the lake in a snowsuit and walk on the water, and celebrate the saving of the Alamo by Hoosiers in Texas every so often, you know it isn't.  Whenever two or more poasters are gathered, or even one sometimes, there he is.  Your idiot savant jester big-footed smart__ bozo doofus.  To light your way, and your shoes.

Ace; don't thank me.  It's my job.  Really; don't mention it.  

Coming soon; Ace wishes Keith a happy Birthday

Ring bells for service.


Order right now and reveive "LOOKOUT ACE'S FUNNIEST POASTS EVER POAST" absolutely free of charge!  Here's a preview:

1. ***

2. #(@*!@  *** Panda

3. *** **** *** dog *** *** *** not *** pants

4. Hey Bear, there's a *** coyote *** *** alien **** gravel _____ gun

5. ***

6. """

7. Scuzzy's named after his cat, while I'm named after my *** dead *** parakeet

8. DSL *** broadpants *** fishing hole *** criminy

9. Criminy *** fishing hole *** why's he in a snowsuit then?

10.Oh, anyone from Illinois or Michigan oughta know *** cadillac *** *** militia

*** lake effect *** ,,,,,,,Bubba *** Pete *** **** *** blond **(e) monkeys

10.I'd use a 70 zoom at 1/60 with a 2.8 f stop

And don't forget some of his best signatures like:

Ace; your Jester.  ding. ding.  see?


Ace; ye who serve in the Jester's Court wear camouflage in his entourage.  Ha, a poem, too.  I'm too much.

All proceeds go to the Ace foundation for the insane.
Don't eat that.


Hey, don't think I didn't notice that "What a jerk" sign pointing my way.  And the "insane" crack.  Your nuts, as I'd point out to Scuzzy too.

Look; criminy.  I'm not ding dinging.  I'm tooting my own horn, sure.  Heck, I don't want anyone else to toot it; who knows where their lips have been, and not like I want a spit valve on my poasts, you know?!$*@(@

That little rhyme, that was a good one.  I crack myself up sometimes.  Thanks for promoting my cause, and effect.  I usually don't see myself poasted in Bubbaisms.  You know, that could be like a religion.  We could be "Bubbists" and follow the stars.  Then a few words, but mostly stars.  

I've got stars; faded tiny crummy little stars.  That's partly to blame for my low self esteem, and aberrant poastal patterns.  

I am getting the knack (Sharonna) of administering my own contributions; even to the point of shutting them down entirely so as not to incur the wrath of teenagers with too much time on my hands.  

Ace; P78 is ok.  He's funniest when he's quoting me.

Ring bells for service.


I usually don't see myself poasted in Bubbaisms.  You know, that could be like a religion.  We could be "Bubbists"

I hold services every Friday night at Square One [ the local watering hole ] All are welcome to enter my domain, ya' gotta' find your own way home though,,,,"hic"  :P
Like Grandpa used to say, "maybe there ain't nothin' wrong, but, somethin' aint' right."


Well now, that sounds like my kind of religion!  
Don't eat that.


Oh, way to go.  You stole my "let's roll" commemoration and put it in some flamboyant flag waving format.  Criminy.

Looks good, too.  

Otherwise, I'd worship the ground Bubba walks on if he spilled beer there.

Cheers. "Ta".  Other humourous asides from the Isle.  

Ace; if I'm gonna be a Bubbist I suppose I gotta either get a third eye, or one of those fat-bellied little statuettes for the end table.
Ring bells for service.