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Started by Ace, February 27, 2008, 11:35 hrs

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Hey, that's why I'm here.  Janitor/Jester/Weeknight News Anchor. 

Not "lost" as in "dead."  More like "I lost my wife... in the mall.  Then, I found her."

Archuleta's stage father got banned from back-stage, as he was found to be manipulating the kid and overcoaching.  They changed lyrics on a song last week I believe.  So little David was on his own, although in the trip-back-home montage his mom was everywhere, and both parents were in the audience last night.  The verdict was whether that would hurt David A. to have to be on his own, or if he'd be freed up from his dad's overbearing influence and actually flourish...   Only thing I noticed was he was pretty much as he always is, although he sang with his eyes closed more than he had been lately.  I thought he sang a bad song well (the unknown Billy Joel number) a bad song ok (the goofy middle thing) and a way too overdone good song I'm sick of fine (Dan Fogelberg).  I wish Paula would've challenged him with something, like Simon did with DC.

Ace; my parents never pushed me to be famous.  Obviously.
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Bang, Bang, Bang on the door baby!

Getting in late on this one since it's up theres aways. But that is one of my all time favorite wedding reception songs to get out and shake it up. Bang, Bang.....

I would have included Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, but not sure that would be considered rock. And probably Lost and Found by Hammill and Visions of Angels by Genesis.

But hey, back to the topic at hand. One of these days I'm going to sit down and watch that show.
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Shoot, I don't know that one.  I know Bang a Gong but not Bang Bang Bang.  Oh, and the Bangles.  I'm probably too looped at weddings to remember, by the time they play it.  I like "The Room Is a Rockin' Don't Bother Knockin'", in a similar theme. 

Well, watch next week.  It will offer insufferable filler and flashbacks and both contestants performing some goshawful specially written treacly song for the occasion (to serve as their "first hit") and Paula struggling to tell which one is David and which one is David. 

Hopefully, Archuleta's dad will disrupt the show with a fistfight with Simon if his kid loses.  Oh, I hope Ryan is caught in the middle.  With a right cross.  Or a left hook.  Dangit, I don't even know that Genesis song.  That's gotta be reaaaaallly old or new, and I don't think they're moving anything new, so I gotta Google that. 

Ace; I hope the Cook wins.  He always does on Heck's Kitchen.
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I did see the Paula breakdown on a rerun on a news show or perhaps that was just one of many. That's one crazy lady.

Yeah, she must be on something or forgot to take something. Who knows?
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That was no lady, that was Paula Ab....

Tresspassing, huh?  I never did pick up that Genesis album; I guess because I had "The Knife" on the live album I didn't go back to that one, as a studio offering.  I think I should. 

Not that American Idol should necessarily have contestants do 12 minute songs, but this year's 1 minute and a half, maybe, format is nuts.  Criminy, David Cook does an intro and a verse and it's over.  It would be nice to hear the song, and not just an opening statement.  Usually they end them right when it's getting interesting. 

I know kids have no attention span; criminy, if you're going to gear it to ADD Youth then just have them wave hello and sit down.  You know, that would probably be a vast improvement for Paula Abdul if she'd just wave hello and sit down.  And shut up.

Hey, speaking of lunatic fringe, Fantasia's appearance this week was a jaw dropper, at least as far as me and Simon were concerned.  Flaming orange hair, quite a few pounds since, waving her arms like a mad goose and stomping around in a screech.  What a mess, and a riot; at least as far as "what does a riot look, and sound, like."  Her win is arguably the worst example of that show's history.  Even worse than the Taylor Hicks "You'll Be Seeing Me At the County Fair!" victory.  Criminy, Justin Guarino was in the audience and I'd rather hear him than Fantasia's bleating.  I liked her, the year she won it... she sure doesn't even resemble herself any more.  She's making Jordin Sparks look entertaining...

Ace; with Diana DeGarmo 2nd that must be voted the "worst year ever" at this point.
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Mark H

I was correct that David would win.  ;D

Mark H; I will be correct and wrong at the same time.
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.



Well, I assume he'll win.  Unless they bring back one of the final 12.  I'll probably turn the sound down during that portion, in case Jason or Ramilamadingdong sing.

Ok, I'm firmly for David Cook.  And here's why I figure Archuleta will win, same as the judges...:
1. All the songs last night were "in his wheelhouse."  Absolutely nailed them. 
2. Which begs the question, "what would DC have done with 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me"?
3. Archuleta probably wisely avoided the piano, and simply sung.  I thought DC's electric middle tune did fine with guitar, just because it was a simple anthem thing.  But doing two while playing made him less of a "singer" and more like a "performer."  The acoustic didn't really matter on the Collective Soul piece.
4. I've got a bunch of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" takes.. The "Lost Boys" CD; Daltrey; Elton John; George Michael; Joe Cocker.  Archuleta's was as good or better than ANY of them.
5. Cook's performance had some nice nuance... nice job with U2, nice simple middle thing, nice Collective Soul tune with subtle tweaks.  But DA was all over his, and left no doubts on how he was approaching them.  I thought both delivered a previously unheard tune well, and got them across.  But in retrospect DC's was a basically ok kinda throwaway tune and Archuleta's reinforced the big hit mode of his night. 
6. Any other year, DC probably would've stood out more.  Wrong guy to go up against, plus everyone loves an underdog and in comparison just having Archuleta stand up and deliver looked more like a knockdown (and maybe out) than it would've "normally."
7. David C shoulda got bonus points for NOT redoing a song, while Archuleta shoulda been demerited for doing Imagine again.  But criminy, he does it well.  And I know what Simon means by DC shoulda gone with Billie Jean one more time.  He needed to take a song and turn it upside down and make it HIS (or at least Chris Cornell doing it to Michael Jackson).  Collective Soul was just way too subtle and "pleasant" and sorta buried as far as melody and "pizzazz."  He ended on a flat note, Archuleta hit the heights, and I'm expecting oh what heights he'll hit.*
8. Archuleta is gonna be a pain to promote, but you know I'm seeing him as bigger than Josh Groban really quick.  He does an album of big ballad remakes, I'll buy it.  I know my wife will (and she was sold and voting for him last night).
9. DC is gonna be fine; and likely great.  I think he's more versatile than Daughtry.  Probably the most growth during Idol during a season since Clay Aiken.  I could see him solo, and he could definitely lead a band.  The guy will make it unless somebody drags him down with bad song choices and really stupid promotion.
10. Strange things happen, in voting.  And geez Louise, they make Blake and Jordin Sparks from last year seem lame... Even Ruben, closing the show, didn't seem nearly as good as them.  And thank goodness Fantasia stayed away.

Ace; on with the show this is it
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Please disregard the previous statements...

So, Oh Great Prophet Notredamus, did you see that vote coming?

ND: "No, can't say that I did."

First off, let me commend and congratulate Mark for noting David Cook as the Most Talented Of the Finalists (prediction back yonder) and Winning The Poaster's American Idol Pool.  A stunning conclusion, and contusion to Archie.  Wish they'd have shown his dad, during the announcement.  I did win $5 from my wife on a bet just before they announced, but I honestly can't say I expected DC to pull it off. (see above poast, which I just asked you to disregard, dangit).

I'd read that the producers wished for a DC win; well, duh.  How the heck do you promote a 17 year old lounge singer.. Vegas?  So, all in all, it oughta be easy to make him make Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis and Taylor Hicks even more forgettable.  Jury's still out on Cat McPhee.  (McPee?) 

You know, watching the Extravaganza, I was thinking "what if they threw an American Idol Finale and ran out of time to announce the winner..?"  Cut it close.  Hearing Micheal Johns and Carly it was obvious how good those two are, and in another life could've/should've won.  But whenever David and David duetted it was also clear those two are extreme talents, and outshone the rest.  I thought Brooke and Graham Nash did a nice duet, Donna Summer and George Michael sounded good, Jordin Sparks was forgettable as always (and chunkier than usual), and ZZ brought Cook to the Top.  If he grows his whiskers to a couple feet long he can join them...  They just crack me up.  The epitome of "cool" and no wasted motions (unlike Brooke, dancing).  Castro did the one good song he can do, and Syesha held her own and reinforced the notion that she's gonna be somebody.  I'll tell ya something though; singing with Seal it was like he was hitting 3 notes at once with her stuck on one... what an exceptional and unusual voice.  That guy makes his presence known. 

Simon's apology was prophetic, I guess.  Plus attempting to save face, as I gotta figure he knew how dumb it looks to miss a prediction or prophecy.

Notredamus; On Next Year's Idol, Paula will Embarrass herself
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Mark H

Thank you Ace! It took a lot of energy for me to predict David would win. Even after the final show, I thought Cook would win, because his votes would be based on the whole season performance, not just one night.

Mark H; I agree with Ace's prediction on Paula.

Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.