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OJ celebration!!

Started by LugwidVanB, October 06, 2008, 10:37 hrs

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His defense lawyer said OJ is a 'bit melancholy' after the jury found him guilty, guilty, guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery, etal. What a SHAME! Let's all give a big tearful cry  :'( for OJ.'s melancholy as he will, hopefully, rot in prison. What's he got to be melanchol about? He got 13 years of freedom after slashing two people to death. The Nevada jury said with a straight face that the slasher's acquital 13 years ago had nothing to do with their verdict. Right, and I can't keep a straight face over that  ;D


Every time they used to show Oj after the murder trial golfing or somewhere in public ,
i think to myself, why hasn't someone beaten him up? I wonder what treats are in store for him in ol' prisonland  ::)


Unfortunately, I think he'll become a hero to a difference audience. 

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O.J. got at least 15 years according to MSNBC, 9 years according to NYT. Poor O.J. He will now be the star of the prison where he will call home for quite a while.  :'( Better late than never. Can you imagine the shock he felt when he learned one of his victims had secretly taped the robbery!!  :o His head was frantically trying to remember all the incriminating things he said for the tape recorder, such as, 'Have you got the gun with you?', and, 'Don't let nobody out of this room'.  ;D

And let's all hope nobody let's him out of the prison cell where the slasher will rot for at least a few years. It's amazing how justice, albeit incomplete, catches up with some criminals in the long run.

Mark H

Here is the truth. The sentence could be for life and the defense wanted 6 years while the prosecution wanted 18 years. The official sentence after the jury made it is at least 15 years with parole eligibility at 9 years.

Mark H; that is the facts.
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After posting above I watched OJ on CNN pleading, almost crying,  :'( to the judge before she sentenced him. He kept saying over and over 'I didn't mean to hurt anybody'. All I could think of as his crocodile tears began to surface was the sight the cops saw in LA where his wife and Ron Goldman lay in most of their blood after OJ slit their throats. Did he ever show any remorse? After the acquital he couldn't have been retried no matter what he said. All I heard him say was that 'if I did kill her doesn't that prove I loved her?' Gives new meaning to the phrase, 'tough love'. ;D

Mark H

I think OJ has ruined any image of his days playing football. Life has caught up to him and he will be at least 70 before he gets out of prison.

Mark H; One must pay for their crimes
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.