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Started by Ace, February 27, 2008, 11:35 hrs

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As old as you are, how can you not know who Classy Freddie Blassie was?

The Japanese will certainly never forget him.

Scuzzy; next you're going to tell me that you've never heard of Mil M�¡scaras.
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I looked up Freddie Blassie.  Not that it helped that much, but at least I can follow the topic.  Was that FrankEinstein?

We can all convene tomorrow, after the exhibition.  I hope we don't have to predict which wrestlers leave the show.  I did watch part of the women's wrestling, one night.  They dumped water on one another, and then looked in pain when they got soaked.  I had a dog that did that too, but otherwise I didn't follow their reactions.  It's all pretty phony. 

I do see the connection between Jason's voice cracking and dewy eyed dumbness, and professional wrestling.  I actually wouldn't mind seeing him bounced through the ropes on Wednesday.

Ace; I suppose if things slow down, we could always introduce some food item here. 
Ring bells for service.


I think introducing food here is not a great idea.  Scuzzy thinks your avatar has had too much already! 

Unfortunately, AI, last night, was passed over (no, that season is over) in favor of Dancing....
And, unlike AI, there is a clear front runner and probablel winner there.

So I look forward to your commentary about last night's faux pas.

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You're probably right.  I don't know that AI was on last night but when the first cup started to work, I had the feeling I missed it.  Now that the 3rd cup is working, more rationality has arrived.

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Here I am; "Mr. Rationality."

I was able to watch Ramiele on Today show, today.  She was coooold.  And whiny.  What a charmer.

I forgot Idol has their "We're Saving The World" Special this week, to, for a third episode.  That will allow guest appearances.  

Oh; here's an American Idol Blonde Joke I just made up:

Dolly Parton walks into a bar... She bounces off and winds up in the street.

You know, watching her, I had a hard time seeing any part of her that might be real.  I guess her voice is authentic, but that's not exactly commendable at this point.  I do watch bits of Dancing With Stars, but that seems more like gymnastics a lot of the time.  Plus, the judges talk funnier than even the Idol judges.

Ace; I'm not a Kansas fan, especially since they made me stay up late for their one stinking shining moment.
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No; I was watching the NCAA basketball finals, and rooting for Memphis.  Huh; I collect pig statuary, and here I am rooting...

Look; don't tell Mark I'm discussing basketball.  Maybe if it looks like it was Kansas the band it'll be ok under the heading...

Ace; I wonder if Kings change the subjects that often.
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Ok! Back on task. 
I missed the first few last night due to a late meeting at work.  I think I came in when Tiny Tim Castro was ukeing through Tiptoe Over The Rainbow.  I really didn't feel any great standouts appeared.

AC/David Cook was ordinary.  He did his usual, so to me he's like a zillion other guys. And not up to Chris Daughtry level.  As Chris didn't win it, I don't see him doing it either.  I could see him with a group, but honestly can't imagine him by himself as any draw.

Kristy Cook was in her groove.  It's funny; when she does the same thing over it's "consistent" but with others they're boring.  I liked Carly, but she did look angry and I couldn't even place it as a Queen song for awhile.. Just some 80's thing. Looked nice, but just a'ight. Brooke was heartfelt, but with some songs there's just not very far you can go and if you can't "outdo" the original (and Carole King) you're going to pale in comparison.  And she is pale.

David A was good, but you know, I just tuned out because it was so much like so many of his belted out inspirational ballads.  I just feel a rut with him.  A concert of a string of those would be numbing. Or CD.  Jason just seemed weird on the replays, so I really don't know what he accomplished.  I know the judges seemed impressed.  Kat McPhee did an Over The Rainbow that brought the house down, so I can't see it as THAT momentous.  Michael seemed offkey and offbase from what I saw in the snippet.

I'm guessing Sayesha goes.  Her voice gets strident when she pushes it.  Possibly Carly or Michael or David could slip under the radar some week and take a big hit.

Ace; after the results, there's wrestling later in the week.
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Michael Johns bit the dust.

Shocked? Surprised? Dismayed?  Put off?  Chagrined?
Oh, not really.  I figured the way he and Carly kept phoning it on on odd weeks one of them could get caught.  I'd say they were the top singers and performers but just couldn't manage the opportunity.  Michael struck me as a guy who just figured "Well, I always liked that song.  I think I'll sing it" without any perspective on how it was going to come across or how he was building his act.  I'd say it was a lousy song choice to do a Steven Tyler song pretty much exactly like Steven Tyler where the only thing you're going to accomplish is not quite being as good as the original... Like Brooke, with Carole King.  Or anyone who dares to touch a Whitney song.  It's dumb to take on a song so earmarked by other people and then expect something memorable.  You either go a different route or do something with the arrangement to change it up.  He never got that; the medleys he tried of the Beatles and Queen were a mess, and in looking back I'd say ironically enough it was the blues number on Dolly Night that was one of his hits.  Never had a shining moment.  Plus, this is the show that booted Chris Daughtry before the end, so precedent has been set.

Wish it had been Sayesha.  But she and others did just enough to not make themselves targets, apparently.  Now, if Carly does the angry face and picks run of the mill tunes without a memorable point she could go soon, too.  David Cook had best not resemble himself weekly, or that could do it for him.  Winner of this thing is either the most brilliant, or the one who simply survives by not looking like the worse in a week. 

With the return of Jordin Sparks and that other guy (Chris Brown?) I liked him.  And the bass player.

Ace; will watch for the Michael Johns Band cd.
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You know what was mean?  That whole thing Seacrest did when he calls Mikey's name but then adds "On this night a year ago we didn't eliminate anyone..." 
"Oh, but you're going home (anyway)."  Geez, why not just say Barabbas gets to go to the couch.

Hey, here's something to look forward to, like Armageddon:  "Songs By Mariah Carey." 
I hope no one has to wear a bikini to do them and bounce around the stage.  If so, it could be the end of David Cook.  At leat they haven't tried a Brittney Spears night, yet. 

Maybe they should try a theme of "Pick Whatever The Heck Song You Want, Night."  I'm sure the winner will wind up with a Mariah and a Dolly song on their first CD.

Ace; the wrestling show could have gone with a Mariah Carey theme.
Ring bells for service.


The prophet Notredamus offers a prediction on whom is going going gone tonight:

Not David Cook.  Criminy, I found him stunning. Spot on. Breathtaking. Nailed it. Up there with his trendsetting "Billie Jean" and "Eleanor Rigby" moments.
Not David Archuleta.  Nailed it. Everything that's good about him came into play, especially a range he hadn't shown.
Hopefully not Carly. I liked the subtlety, restraint and discipline.  She got panned for not "belting it out" so may not play well.  Looking better weekly.  If looks count as much as Paula seems to think she should be ok.
Probably not Sayesha.  Don't like the tone of her voice; it's like a horn blaring to me. But the song was in her wheelhouse and she performed well.
Likely not Jason. Still the Coffee House King but I get the feeling he's under the radar enough to not be a target.
Maybe not Kristy Cook.  I think she's become ordinary, and slipping out of her country comfort. But may be liked enough to figure she's not the worse.

I'd figure Brooke.   I think she looked a bit pained and desperate on the song.  She got panned before for starting on solo piano, but then bringing in the band midway.  So she played through, solo.  Which seemed to force her to try to build it and carry the song without support, making her seem to fade off and unable to hit the heights...  Ya gotta do the right thing, and try not to be reactive to what the judges say because they'll flip flop anyway.  I thought she set herself up to miss it last night, and did.  "Use the Band, Brooke" Yoda

For the first time, I could see David Cook as the talent equal to Chris Daughtry, and someone who really has a niche.  I still don't know how you'd market an Archuleta, but the kid is something special.

Ace; Heck's Kitchen got rid of Jason.

Ring bells for service.

Mark H

I guess Ace was wrong and no one was here to point it out. Kristy Cook is gone and Brooke is safe. I predict that either Brooke or Sayesha will be gone next week. If not, it should be Jason.

Mark H; In time, we will find out that a David or Carly is the winner
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


Well, I wasn't gonna point it out.  Criminy.  I missed by one.  Brooke is about as safe as the Green Zone in Baghdad.

As dumb as Idol can get, my fear is we shall tune in and Jason Castro is the winer.

Ace; not a keyboardo.
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I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter...

I know I'm talking to myself (or preaching to the choir) but whatever:

I'm a big Andrew Lloyd Weber fan.  Love this stuff.

Tomorrow Brooke Goes.  I just missed by a week.  What a trainwreck.  Start Stop let's try that again...  And what was really annoying was that she acted like she'd never done it before.  Geez Louise. 

Jason Castro as the Plan B.  What a sniveling weak mess of a Memory.  I haven't heard that much heavy breathing since the crank call from a year ago. Should've gone with a JC Superstar tune.

David Archuleta nailed it.  What a brilliant arrangement.  Stunning.  Carly was spot on; to be able to sing around and through that cacaphony of band and backup.  All Pro.  Top Two Performances.

Syesha was fine; she'd be a good Broadway entertainer.  Not a pop star... But a pro, on stage. 

With all that said, let me say David Cook knocked it out of the park.  World Class.  A tenor that's a match for any.  The Music of the Night was his night.  When he hit the big note it was the most stunning since Clay Aiken hit the high point in Unchained Melody.  Breathtaking, I thought.  David and David ought to go to the end, with Carly swirling amongst them as a top 3.  Cook took on the toughest challenge, and mastered it.

Ace; good show.
Ring bells for service.

Mark H

Syesha and Carly in the bottom two is totally wrong this week! I thought Brooke and Jason were the worst two by far, but yet one of them had the votes to be in the top 3 and the other was in the top 4.

Carly is gone, but she should have stayed with Jason or Brooke going and then be back again next week after the other of Jason or Brooke is gone.

As usual, America does not know how to vote and the bad thing is that this is a presidential year.

Mark H; If America can't get musicians correct, how can they get the President correct?
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


I guess Mark was wrong and we're here to point it out.  He said Carly could win.

I have decided to predict David will win.  That should help the odds...   It is heartwarming (like, after you eat spicy food) to know that Americans treat both talent shows and presidential picks as popularity contests.  Especially when it looks like someone might leave the competition and you decide to vote for that individual to keep them in awhile longer...

Ace; stupid show.  Wrestling does a better job of picking winners.
Ring bells for service.


I specifically said David would win. 
Or not.  It could go to the convention, at which time the superdelegates will be distracted from the Beijing pollution during the Olympiad.  And choke.

Here's something I wish they'd do on Idol:  Have an immunity vote, each week, by the judges.  Pick someone who is safe, regardless of the vote, so they can't be knocked off the island.  Like on Survivor, because that's really what it becomes. It's nuts that the judges are all-powerful to start the selections and then powerless once the show hits the mainstream.  At least it could prevent the travesties of this and pretty much every year.  And the sad loser syndrome the thing runs into, nearly each year.

I did enjoy Clay Aiken's comical demeanor and hair, from Spamalot.  There's a dumb blond joke waiting to pop up, in that...

Ace; I shall now look for Michael and Carly's CDs.  Criminy.
Ring bells for service.

Mark H

I stated a "David or Carly" will win and I stand by that prediction. I guess I picked three that could win and have two left.

Mark H; I think David Cook has the most talent of the top 5
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


I stand by your prediction, too.  Well, actually, I'm sitting by it.

Ok, now I'm standing by it.

Ace; criminy, it's hard to keyboard from up here...
Ring bells for service.


Full Fool Administrator, Mighty Jester and xTreme Poaster, you were right.  Dead spot on with your explanation.  Paula is a druggie.  Out of touch with the world and not good at at faking it.

Bill; Jason must go.

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That was surreal, wasn't it..?  "Your first song was this, but your second song was that..."  "Uh, Paula, they only sang one song so far."

What the heck was she on last night.  Usually she's just giddy and distracted, but that was bordering on hallucinations and comatose. 

So; Jason must go.  Another winey wimpy phoned in coffee house performance.  So, of course, he won't. 

Brook did a silly grinning maniacal "I'm A Believer" and one of those heartfelt piano ballads with "I Am, I Said." She just strikes me as in a panic, any more.  I figured Syesha was gonna be straining with Neil Diamond's catalog, but actually thought her ok and liked the last jump number.  Archuleta sorta sounded like he was doing the same song, twice.  David Cook was really impressive, with the two guitar onslaught; never heard the first song, and the second was more better. 

So he'll probably be voted off.  As with Paula, there's not a lot that's coherent about the show any more.  I expect the worse.  I've performed "Solitary Man" in a coffee house setting; I was surprised none of the guys went with it.

Ace; now, Heck's Kitchen after it was really nasty.
Ring bells for service.

Mark H

At least America got it partially right in voting off Brooke. The wrong part is that Jason should have been the one voted off or at least in the bottom two.

Mark H; Jason MUST go next week.
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.



on April 22 Ace predicted Notredamus would predict on April 16 Tomorrow Brooke Goes.  I just missed by a week.  What a trainwreck.

And so, once or twice again, I was right.  Brooke, the Not Ready For Prime Time Piano Chanteuse went Bye-Bye.  Bout Time.  Once they started with the "surprise exit tonight" headlines I thought "you boot anything named David and it's show over.  For me."

I'd really be surprised if she is ever heard from again.  I cannot see her as a professional anything... can't imagine her doing a CD of other people's heartfelt ballads.  Could never hear her doing silly grinning versions of the same.  In the same way, I'm beginning to think an album of Archuleta would sound like one long (nice, but long) song.

I predict that Mark's prediction of David Cook winning comes true.  Criminy, I hope so.  Jason has a voting block, and until someone forgets to phone in for him (regardless) he ain't leaving no matter how much he deserves to.  Confiscate the phones from the Teen Girl Squad.  Woot.

Ace; Paula must go, but she probably wouldn't know it if she did.
Ring bells for service.


All I have to say about American Idol is that the winner shouldn't be someone to sing "LOVE SONGS" on the radio all day, then they shouldn't be an American Idol! I think the real world needs a ROCKER!  ;D


David Cook is a Rocker.

And David Archuleta is an exceptional singer.  That kid has pitch and a tonality that is deep; hearing him hit those microtones throughout last night and the falsetto finishes was quite cool. 

Syesha was a waste of time on the Tina Turner copy of Proud Mary.  Singing it in a higher range just made it shreiky and she's not going to outdance her.  Why in the world would you do her doing someone else's....  I liked her second Sam Cooke thing ok.  Put her on Broadway and she'd be enjoyable.

And then there was Rastaman Jasonmon.  What an moronmon.
First, Simon, there wasn't just "one" "I Shot The Sheriff."  British guy, named Eric, did a fine job with it too...  But not Jason.  What a weird, silly, grinning, misstepped dropped lines jiggly coffee house nightmare with both Bob and Bob songs.  At least he can whine in a monotone on the Dylan stuff.  It's like he's daring people to toss him.

So you'd think he's doomed...  America wishes it, but I don't get my hopes up.  Just hope it winds down to Dave and Dave undamaged, as the run-off.  My fear with Cook is he has Michaelitis and is picking weird choices... Of the R&R Hall of Fame catalog, "Hungry Like the Wolf"????  I mean, I love the song, but it's not a vocal showcase.  And "Baba O'Riley"?  Condensing it down to the minute and a half they're given put it as dumb as Michael's Day (minute) In The Life earlier.  If he wanted a teenage wasteland do "Smells Like Teen Spirit", you know?  I don't think any CSI shows even mess with Baba O'Riley.  "Behind Blue Eyes" would've been far more impacting if you're on a Who focus.

Otherwise, I thought Paula was as deranged as ever.  Maybe she and Jason can date, this year.  Randy was actually critical, which I enjoy.  Simon was deservedly biting,  especially chewing on Jason. 

Ace; please do pack your bags and go back to A&M.  No Jason, no cry.

Ring bells for service.


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YES!! There Is A Dog!!  Castro's Dead And Gone!

hold it... dang dyslexia.  shoot.

Once Dave and Dave were sent to the "couch" I could breathe easier.  I hope Syesha gets hers, next, although at least she's capable.  I did like Jason's comment about someone telling him he "shot the tambourine man."  Sure seemed like it.  I think he even butchered the lyrics to I Shot The Sheriff, although not like he actually bothers to pay attention to them anyway.

I wonder if scuzzy likes "I Shot The Sheriff."  He's probably glad the deputy didn't get it.

Ace; I bet a song "I Shot The Jester" would be a hit.

Ring bells for service.

Mark H

Jason Castro is gone from the competition and the world is better for it. I think the final three is a good set.

Syesha might be the most talented top to bottom, but her voice isn't the best of the three. She would make a great Broadway star or maybe an actor.

Mark H; It is the battle of the Davids and a Syesha
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


Hear Hear.  Here.  I hope Raoul Castro doesn't take his place now that he's finally gone.

Now that it's the off time (oftimes) of week, for filler I mean further thought, here are the Top 10 Great Love Songs of Rock, just to prove Rock Honours Great Love Songs and even performs them, periodically:

1. "Still Loving You" by The Scorpions
2. "I Love You" by the Zombies
3. "Death, Is This Communion?" by High On Fire
4. "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors ("I Ruv You Too")
5. "In A Gadda Da Vida" by Iron Butterfly (nothing more romantic than the Garden of Eden, huh)
6. "Bat City" by Avenged Sevenfold (I love this song)
7. "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix ("'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy")
8. "All You Need is Love" by the Beatles
9. "Love Shack" by the B52's (I really hate this song)
10. "Another Tequila Sunrise" (I love Tequila Sunrises almost as much as Margaritas)
11. "Love Hurts" by Nazareth

Ace Buzzkill
Ring bells for service.



no Goliath.  Just Simon, and he did his part in challenging David C. with his song choice.  And thank goodness Ryan was corrected after claiming Chaka Khan did "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and finally was told it was Roberta Flack.  Criminy, I used to play that record a lot while with my wife to be in college.

Otherwise, I'm thrilled (well, as thrilled as I get) that Cook and Archuleta battle throat to throat next week.  I gotta admit, I could not stand Syesha Mercado for most of this season.  But she arguably turned out to be the best performer and entertainer...  She can sell a song; and watching her do it is actually more entertaining than the other two.  I can't imagine just listening to her, but as a visual (stage) performer I think she'll have a career.  Apparently the loss of Archuleta's father didn't drag him down.  Criminy, his mom is sure clingy too.  Not bad looking either...

All in all, good show.

Ace; American Idle
Ring bells for service.


"Apparently the loss of Archuleta's father didn't drag him down."  I must have missed something, again.

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