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Started by Ace, January 24, 2008, 14:34 hrs

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Unlike Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I don't have a dream.  I have some observations, though.  I did have a dream, last night, but it was weird and I didn't understand any of it anyway.

* I always wonder if people referring to "Martin Luther King day" are thinking about his dad...

* Obama accused Clinton of being a double-talker...  One of his aides said "Barack, dude... there are TWO of them."

* Someone's going to get shot, either during or after this new Lie-Detector "tell the Moment Of Truth" show...  But criminy, is it slow moving.  Every stupid show now has the delayed reaction/wait for the answer/what'll it be pause that's getting to be several minutes, for some...  And the two worst shows for "and the answer is... when we get back from commercial!" are "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" and "Deal or No Deal."

* And for cryin' out loud quit doing the "Ooh, look at the scale jump around" ploy on Biggest Loser... just have the thing find a number it likes, quickly.

* I think the lie detector might be a good addition to a political debate, though.

* 2nd contestant last night on the Lying Game (Crying Game...) was wearing a rug, and I wondered just how long THAT would escape notice... not long; about 2 questions.

* Gene Simmons real name is Chaim Witz.  Axl Rose is Bill Bailey (won't you come home, to W. Lafayette...?)

* I don't like going to funerals, anyway, so no way I'd volunteer to protest one...

* If there was an awards show, and nobody came, and it just consisted of a person or persons reading the nominees, and then the winner, would anyone watch it? 

* Why?

* I think anyone eliminated from a reality show, who complains "but I played fair and square and was a nice person while so and so cheated and misLED me and lied and didn't play nice" should have to pay them.

Ace; or be violated, by an IPod.

Ring bells for service.


Welcome to your nightmare.

I'd like to comment on those reality game shows but I can't. I've never watched them and after your descriptions I don't think I will.

I did watch Myth Busters last week and they hooked up a plant to a lie detector to see if it had feelings.
Once they fired up the blow torch and pointed it at the plant the needles went crazy so I guess it was  thinking something like ââ?¬Å? Hey you sadistic son of a so and so why don't you point that darn thing at yourself and see what happens.ââ?¬Â

Or something like that maybe.

Hey, you get that bridge from California yet? My bulbs already came in, that was fast, now I'm on way tomorrow to Miami Rd just this side of Ewing to pick them up.
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Enjoy the drive; let the car warm up first.  At 5 below zero so much for Global Warming in Michiana.  No, didn't get it yet.  Also haven't offered my "eBay rating" for the provider yet, either.

I remember a Hitchcock short story where a guy invents a machine that can hear way lower and higher than human frequencies, and discovers plants (and trees, on the opposite end) scream when hurt.  I bet yours yelled something awful when it fell on your vehicle.

I did have some more dreams; I don't remember them, now, and they didn't make any more sense than the one the night before.

I think MLB can go as "myth busters" this season...  I'm sorta liking the notion of a reality show called "Hey, You Sadistic Son of a So and So" though. I could see a lot of promise in that one.  Just the Celebrity version, alone.

Today, we find Mary-Kate Olsen was called 4 TIMES OVER 9 MINUTES before 911 was summoned.  They "don't think it mattered" as they think ol' Heath was dead.   I'm glad no one around here has Mary-Kate on speed dial.

Ace; I've got Time and Temp as #1 on speed dial, but it would be an obscene call this morning.
Ring bells for service.


Quotecheated and mislead

Er....shouldn't that be misled?  I am not so daft that I would mistake the present with the past participle.  I am English, after all.

Buff; someday your bridge will come.
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Why, yes.  Yes it should be, Buff.  Thank you so much for pointing that out you sadistic son of a so...

Look, here's the deal.  I've got a real problem with "misled."  See, some time ago, I saw that word and phonetically my mind figures it must be pronounced "miseled."  Long I.  So, in my head, that's what I think of it as...  Later, I hear someone say "misled" which I interpret as  "mislead" and it stuck.  And am dumbstruck that I never hear anyone use the word "miseled."

I could go back, and fix it, and deny it, and accuse you of being a lousy proofreader...  yeah, that could work.  Hold on, I'll be right back.

Ace; he always tries to mislead me, and then tells me he told me so.
Ring bells for service.


Alright, if the tree could have thought, it probably would have went something like this;

SeaSonic S12 550W, Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Asus M2N SLI-Deluxe, nvidia 9600 GSO, 2x2 gig Crucial Ballistix, LG DVD/RW, 2x Western Digital Black Edition 640gb,  SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22", Canon PIXMA MP600,  Logitech X-230 speakers, Logitech Comfort Duo keyboard & Mouse, Windows 7 64 Home Premium & Vista 64


Sounds like a thoughtful tree.

My favorite scene is the railroad workers looking down at the pile of rubble, that used to be a train, that crashed into the river after the bridge broke.

The lead man states, "Oh, s..."

Scuzzy; I like words that begin with "mis", such as missile.
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Ok, now Buffalo has me confused.. is that "lead" (leed) man, as in "in charge" or "in front"?  Or "lead" (led) man, like he's really heavy or made in China or at least was painted there?

I'm guessing a lead man asks leading questions.  Where the heck did you see a train crash, anyway?  I bet the serpent in the Garden of Eden saw Adam coming and said "Oh, ssssssss....."

Ace; blaming Buff for my confusion will be a good payback for him correcting me and telling me so.
Ring bells for service.


I had a dream, I woke up, had a fried egg on muffin for breakfast, and that brings us to today's episode:

* Let me propose this.. If Geraldine Ferraro was NOT a woman would she ever have been selected for the VP candidate...?

* The day I have $80,000 to spend on call girls is the day I make way too much money.

* I don't know which would serve as the primary rationale for my wife to kill me.. that I'm hanging out with hired professionals, or that I wasted $80,000 hiring professionals. 

* It'd be funny if someone ran an Escort service and they'd bring a Ford Escort to you, for the afternoon.

* My new "Get Rich, Quick" scheme.. either I've gotta become a high-priced call girl, or marry Paul McCartney.  Then break up.

* I have a new idea for a TV game show.  It doesn't matter what the premise is... somebody could win a million dollars, or risk elimination, or admit to a horrendous truth and win money but lose their spouse.  Whatever it is, the show would pose the question/dilemma and the host would lay out the dreaded possibility and things would get quiet and then he'd Turn To the Camera and Smile "Right After This Break!" And they'd go to commercial.  Come back, say the same thing, and go to commercial.... over and over, for the whole half hour.  Until the very last seconds, when they'd say "continued on our next show."

* For the season finale, they'd blow a whole hour.

* The woman who lasted about 2 minutes on last night's "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" who actually thought if you were born on Easter your birthday would then always be on Sunday has to be one of the stupidest contestants in the history of television.

* Geez Louise, what 5th graders actually know what Scotsman invented Penicillin...?! 

* If someone asked me, I'd probably guess "Bill."

* Do people in asylums watch "March Madness"? 

* It'd be funny on Idol if they had to sing songs from the Jagger-Richards songbook and nobody could understand half of what they were singing...

* How come nobody ever did a speech called "I Had A Power Nap"?

* New Theme for Idol:  "Prog Night".  They perform the classic songs of Yes.  And King Crimson. ELP. Dream Theater. Each song would be a half hour...  With maybe 7 minutes of singing, and then a lot of standing around during the musical interludes.  That'd be cool.

* I could see Ryan saying "And when we come back, the drum solo from ____"

* What happens to *****cat Dolls (I bet that didn't even appear, in this poast...) that they have to replace them every year?

* Instead of skinny ugly girls, maybe "America's Top Model" could feature 1/24 scale cars or planes...

Ace; I actually had a model Rat Fink.  Oh, and an Uncle Fester doll.

Ring bells for service.