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World Initiative Fails

Started by Bill, August 07, 2005, 08:53 hrs

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San Diego

Yet another rat-like panda cub joins the seemingly endless boom of newborns as the World Eradification Society acknowledges apparant failure.

W.E.S. Chairman and CPH (chief panda hater), Mr. Ace Jester was quoted this weekend, amid profuse tears and uncontrolled sobbing, "Oh no, another stinkin' fuzzball.  Is this ever going to end?"  

Zoo officials report the mother and cub are doing fine, "Unfortunately" said Mee Hatem' Too, the local caretaker.

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"Doing fine"...  Blind, hairless mewling panda dropping.  ed.note: "mewling" is an affectation of Stephen King, from a number of his stories.  In the footage yesterday, I thought the mother was going to eat it.  If she would choke to death on it, that would be a best case scenario.

That was so weird, as my name really is Wesley and I go by "Wes."


I don't typically enter profuse tears and uncontrolled sobbing, regarding pandas.  I do practice uncontrolled gagging and profuse swearing in proximity to stories about pandas.

Ace; I think "boom" would be a good outcome.
Ring bells for service.