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Started by Joanie, November 20, 2000, 23:21 hrs

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Welcome to the Forum Joyleaf. Someone should be around soon to help you with your battery problem. I would love to but I don't know a thing about Laptops.




Hi, Joyleaf, and welcome. Have you tried www.3klix.com? I believe they show a battery for your model on their Quantex page at http://www.3klix.com/cgi-bin-new/products.asp?id=14532&brand=Quantex&category=notebook

You might also check out our Quantex Help! page listed among the links on the main forum page and bookmark it for future reference.


Thanks Bear, I had not run into 3Klix in my searches. I decided to go with the dc adapter instead. I am buying this so we can use the laptop on cartrips so at less then half the price it will still allow us to work for the lengh of the trip I hope.



Sounds very reasonable to me. I invested in a comfortable office chair myself--cheaper than a laptop. It was either that or move my mini-tower onto the leg-rest of the La-Z-Boy.

Dang, if I had a laptop I might actually get away and go somewhere.



 -Learning as fast I can-


In reply to your search for laptop batteries for your Q I have to tell you that I have purchased a battery for my Q notebook model TS30i from 3klix.com as well as other items.  They sent me a battery which would work in my computer but the door or cover whatever you wish to call it was for a Dell machine.  While the notebooks are similiar the door or cover is not.  I had to use the door/cover from the original battery which had died.  Also 3klix.com customer support was very difficult to deal with.  They have no telephone numbers other than for purchasing new items.  You must email support for any help.  They would not listen to me at all when I trield explain the issue with the door/cover for the battery.  Other than that you might try the help section in this site. I would try biz.com. Also your computer was made by Compal.  Refer to your model numver N30W.  Good luck John

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Hi John,

Nice to see you here. Hope you enjoy the new Froum. We are loving it and would appreciate your imput.




I am hoping to buy a spare battery for my less than a year old laptop. But I can not get it direct from Quantex nor can I find a 2nd party dealer that lists Quantex batteries. I am sure that the same battery must be used for other laptops, any ideas?

Mine says it is a model BAT30WL and it is for the N30W series. Any help would be appreciated.