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Started by n/a, December 12, 2000, 17:07 hrs

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Hey, Bruce, glad to hear from you and thanks for the report. That does seem pretty high to fix a charging problem, but at least it's fixed.

Since your problem was poasted, another resource has come forth. Check out the topic at http://www.poasters.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=204&FORUM_ID=3&CAT_ID=2&Topic_Title=Quantex+Laptop+Owners%2C+Click+here&Forum_Title=PC+Forum

www.portablecomputers.com is offering free tech support for Q laptops, and our new member mcecom even offered to come to your rescue after reading your poast. Maybe next time, huh. Though hopefully there won't be one.

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I went to www.portablecomputers.com and didn't see any area for Quantex support.  Do you have to E-mail them directly?



Hi, Howard, and welcome.

Try emailing John, one of their support staff who is also a member here, at support@mcecomputers.com

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     Merry HO HO HO--Bear


I wrote a month or two ago about getting my Quantex TS3013 repaired (charging problem). I promised Bear I would write back to let everyone know the results. I tried sending it to Sceptre (they made it) but they never sent back an RMA#. I decided to send it to Laptop Service King (1-800-786-4311, also on web). Though the price was hefty ($400) it came back totally fixed and so far so good. They really seem to know their stuff about Quantex. Bruce