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Started by n/a, December 07, 2000, 21:34 hrs

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Welcome, Chuck,

Here's a link to a thread that covered the Win2K laptop upgrade issue pretty well: http://www.poasters.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=146&FORUM_ID=3&CAT_ID=2&Topic_Title=quantex+T%2D1330+W+laptop&Forum_Title=PC+Forum

The bottom line seems to be that Win2K isn't always compatable with the hardware on older machines that weren't designed with it in mind. If you still have questions, give us a holler.




Thanks for the link Bear. I will check out the hardware manufacturers websites. Or better yet, I think I will stick with w98 until this laptop dies so I can buy a new one. After all...even a minor hardware problem would turn into a major one since quantex is dead...hmm..maybe I should "accidentally" spill something and then my wife would have to approve a new purchase . We'll see.

Any reccomendations on the laptop to buy? I need a powerfull system, regardless of the weight and maybe even price; but most importantly I need the company to stay in business.



Hey, we both owe QQQ thanks for his excellent advice in that thread. I learn something from him dang near every day.

The old spill-something-on-the-laptop trick, eh? Good luck with that one--I would just lose my refrigerator privileges if I tried it.

Speaking of wives, mine is the laptop user in the family. She's used several brands at work and prefers Toshiba. That's probably where I would start looking if I were buying, though it's not exactly an endorsement to blow your bankroll on. Last time I checked at www.epinions.com, they were pretty highly thought of, though. You might also check in at www.resellerratings.com to see how the different brands measure up.




Once again...thanks for the reply.

What do you think of micron notebooks?



I would certainly give Micron a look, and also Dell for their tech support. I haven't heard much bad about Micron in general, and their subsidiary, Crucial, is an excellent source for RAM. When I bought my Q, Micron was considerably higher in price than even Dell, and that knocked them down a couple of notches. From what I've seen of their ads, they've become much more competitive, but again, I haven't gone into much depth comparing laptops.

You'll probably get much more expert input as more people read this topic.

http://www2.mmind.net/bskarky/bb1c.jpg" border=0>



Hello Poasters!

I bought my Quantex Laptop about a year ago and just today found out that it went under. I guess it is good that I never needed to use their help. My question is of a different nature: Has anyone ever tried to install win2000 on their quantex laptop that originally came with win98? I have tried this, but every time I get to the "looking for plug&play devices" the system locks up. I suspect that I need to install the drivers manually, but how do I tell win2000 that I want to do that?

If anyone has gone through the procedure please poast it. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have a quantex PII-333...I beleive the I-1410, so I ave the ATI pro Rage 2x card, ESS(Maestro) sound, LT winmodem...etc...

Thanks again