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Started by QQQ, December 04, 2000, 18:04 hrs

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Hi Jonathan,

The paperwork for the Phillips-Magnavox warranty was supposed to come from them (PM). Typically, it took 6-8 weeks AFTER you received your system for them to send you the information regarding your extended warranty.

It was not uncommon for PM to have some difficulties getting the paperwork to the customers.

But your invoice shows that you did pay for it, so you should be covered.  All PM has to do is verify which extended warranty contract you purchased.

You may also want to contact your credit card co.  Explain to them you paid for an extended warranty and the provider of that warranty does not (yet) have a record of your purchase even though it clearly shows on your invoice.  They will be able to assist you.

As for the fdd, remove it from the sys and give it a good blast of air.  There might be some dust in the contacts.  

After you reinsert it, boot and go into your BIOS.  Make sure the floppy drive is recognized.  Your boot sequence should also be A:, C:.  

I'm not real familiar with laptops, so bear with me.  I don't know if the cdr will be automatically detected or if you have to install a driver for it.  Someone else will come along and give you better information about that.

Hope this helps a little.


I bought a quantex notebook p2 400 with 15 inch screen 6/30/99.  I bought the extended warranty.  Currently, my notebook computer does not recognize the 3.5 floppy or the dvd drive.  Both are in the same module which slides into a bay on the front left side.  I backed up my data and decided to reinstall the operating system to see if that helped with the non-recognition problem of the floppy and cd/dvd drives.  It got as far as finishing the reformat and then said it could not find the floppy drive.  Now when I try to boot the pc I get a message saying that the operating system could not be found.  I would expect this because the hard drive is empty.  However, I've tried to use several bootable floppy disks and bootable cd's and I get the same message.  About all I can do with the system is get to the CMOS setup.  Everything there is setup correctly.  My assumption is that this is a hardware problem, probably with the floppy/cd module, or with the connector to the motherboard, etc.

Of course, I cannot get through to Quantex, because of their current problems.  So I look at my invoice for the system that lists Philips as the provider of the extended warranty that I bought through Quantex.  I call Philips and they say they have no record of my warranty.  I faxed them my invoice which indicated that I paid Quantex for the warranty.  They said they could not help, but would send my issue up through management.  I never received any info from Quantex regarding my extended warranty when I purchased my machine.  Bottom line is that it appears that Quantex took my money for the extended warranty, but never sent it on or registered it with Philips.

Anyone have similar experiences or suggestions for me?  Either technical, warranty issue, or where to buy the replacement part?