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Started by Joanie, November 30, 2000, 15:51 hrs

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Hi Gimme1 and welcome to the Forum.

I have no idea where you would get a new keyboard for your laptop but somebody should be around shortly to help you out.

Have never heard of a keyboard that enjoyed a glass of milk.




Depending on the model of the machine, you may be able to use a Dell keyboard.  Many of the Quantex notebooks (the -30 series) were from Compal of Taiwan, and are effectively the same machine as the Dell Inspiron 5000e series.


Hi Gimme1,

In addition to the info from Query, you might also be able to get parts from BizCom Electronics and 3Klix on the resource page. In the meantime you can connect an external kbd so you can at least use your system.

Hmmm, in addition to replacing the kbd, maybe there *someone* should be replaced.... or at least restricted from using your computer, especially if she has fluids of any kind in her vicinity.

Doesn't she know the tests were only done with coffee?!?!?  (Black, no sugar. Yes, there really were tests done with coffee.) No computer drinks milk.




Since posting my dilemma, I got in touch with someone at Bizland, and they said they'll be able to supply me a keyboard as soon as they're back in stock.  Thanks to everybody who offered advice.

In my poor wife's defense, she WAS interfered with by our 4 month old daughter, who was occupying the hand NOT holding the milk.  I think you can deduce the actual sequence of events ;)

Thanks again!



Glad to hear you are going to be able to replace the keyboard.  I hope you don't have to wait too long for it, though.

Ok, your wife is off the hook.... this time. Have her try to keep all liquids in a covered container.  Computers really are fussy about what they drink.



Hi, everyone.  It's nice to meet you all, although I wish it was under happier circumstances.  I'm the owner of a *sigh* Quantex laptop that I'm very attached to.  Sadly, my loving wife decided to pour a glass of milk on it, leaving the keyboard in a less than optimal operating condition.  Does anybody know of anyplace that might be able to get me a new keyboard for this thing???  Thanks in advance for anybody's help, and I'll be happy to commiserate with any other unfortunate Quantex owners.


Irritated owner of a $3000 paperweight!