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Pan's Labyrinth

Started by pat, March 04, 2007, 14:41 hrs

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I hadn't seen Cloverfield yet, I did watch the trailer and I'm not so sure I like the viewing of a movie through the video of another's, if you get my drift. Reminds me of the Blair Witch thing which I really didn't think that much of. I may wait for the DVD on that one.
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Yes. Definitely Witchy.  You know, I liked that ok.  I thought it did a good job of instilling fear and paranoia, and also "what the heck is that...?!" "is he in the corner..?"  "what's going on?!?!"

I wish the shot of the "package" they get at camp after the guy disappears was clearer.. looked kinda like an eye and hair and blood...  Plus, having the guy go to the corner near the end was subtle and clever.  I really liked the web hype about it; I thought the Blair Witch Marketing was clever and complete.  The Cloverfield campaign is kinda a mess, plus you can't fake people out like the BW Project did, again.  Lots of You Tube "here's the monster/look quick" stuff and "here's a drawing somebody drew" and "It's a giant bunny; really" stuff.

I'm not into motion sickness or roller coasters, so I'm thinking the camera jiggle is just gonna be annoying on this one as a gimmick instead of really worked into the film like Witch did.  Really, one of those is probably enough as a movie method.

Ace; if they had Bruce Willis in NY that monster would get what's coming to it.
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I have now Been There, and Done That.  Oh, and Buff Told Me So.

I have seen Pan's Labyrinth, and it was good.  I was not troubled by the subtitles, as they were short and too to the point and unobtrusive.  I even almost went with "Spanish" on the 1st Source Resource ATM today, as I now feel comfortable in non-English.  And the machine has subtitles, in case.  As some of the Pan subtitles were humorous, and obscene, it was particularly enjoyable encountering them.

It is a beautifully filmed flick, with a startling juxtaposition of reality with that other stuff.  And, yes, that is one evil captain.  Boy Howdy, that is one bad guy.  I wouldn't even buy Franco American canned goods if that's how nasty things got there.

And the bunnies sure don't take over Spain, in this thing.

I sorta wondered about Ophelia though... I mean, what part of "don't eat or drink anything" does she not understand?!  Not the place I'd go for the Thanksgiving banquet.  And Fawns creep me out.  And just use a normal fireplace log, and don't go with Mandrake root, that's for sure.  And what the heck was behind Door #2, which the faeiries were pretty sure was the right one? 

Anyway, the bad guys as well as good guys get it in the end, and the back, and the face, so that evens things out.  It was quite dazzling and memorable.

Ace; I could use subtitles, here.
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