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Christmas Trip

Started by Whizbang, December 24, 2007, 19:40 hrs

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My wife and I decided to be conveniently out of town today so we could avoid the "What are you doing for Christmas?" crowd.  We went up to Hot Springs, Arkansas just to hang out and take some pictures.  They are still in the Fuji, but I probably will get to them tomorrow.  One of the most enjoyable things about the trip was seeing all of the Asian visitors, mostly Chinese.  I have wanted for a long time to be able just to walk up to some of them and address them in their native dialects, but I am a dreamer.  Hot Spings was the place to have vacationed by the Hollywood bunch in the 1920's because of the thermal baths and bragging rights.  Most of the bath houses are closed, especially after people finally realized that there was no fountain of youth there, but there are springs everywhere.  While walking along the backside of Bath House Row, we saw many springs that had been capped and diverted to a city ducting system.  I am going to check closely, but I am guessing that the water is being reclaimed for use.  Both cold water and hot water springs abound.  We had planned to go up onto the lookout tower until we found that Scrooge had increased the price to $5.00 per senior citizen.  Since the sky was hazy, the pictures likely would not have been spectacular anyway.  On the way home, we got lost, having forgotten that Arkansas now has more than one road.  After a short backtrack, we took scenic AR7 to I30 and then home.  When I get some pictures up on Webshots, I will poast again.

One bit of good news for me is that my wife found a new Dale Junior shirt which opened the door to my purchasing the Celtic Woman Christmas edition DVD.  Since ACE thinks they screech, I did not purchase him a copy.  Who cares?  All I can thinks of is the song they sing, "Let It Snow."

Mark H

I have the Celtic Woman Christmas CD and it is pretty good.

Mark H
Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


There aren't too many things that upset me more than agreeing with Ace, but I think they screech, too.

They're okay, I suppose. But I wouldn't pay to listen to them. As it is, I usually change the radio station when they come on. They simply don't do anything for me.

Scuzzy; I suppose I don't do anything for them, either.
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I'm not literally lost, but I guess I'm virtually lost.  I've been holding my breath wondering if J can breathe again, and so am relieved to hear you can.  I would think you'd be a super grand greatfather, as well.  And you can go ahead and keep any snow there; I'm fine with a green Michiana Christmas.

I regret having anyone here agree with me; I try to discourage that, as you know.  I would say I would not mind the Celtic Women in a Bath.  Same as Celine singing in the shower; that might make it tolerable. 

I don't know if they screech as much as just hit a frequency which is beyond human hearing...  I like Celtic music, and apparently even the Celtics are much improved after the mega-trade.  I'll tell ya someone I can NOT listen to, and that's Taylor Swift doing her breathy talk-through on Silent Night while grinning like a     idiot.   She pulled that on the Xmas Tree Lighting show, and actually did worse than Celine's "Alone."  And "performed" (showed up) on the Today show this morning. It's tuneless, and demonstrates she actually cannot sing.  At all.  I'd take a bunch of Celtic women over that, anyday.  Well, if my wife would let me.  And you can let it snow in the Ark, but same as Ohio keep it away from me, thanks.

Merry Christmas to all; and to all a good day.

Ace; only Grands I have are for breakfast, here. With bacon.
Ring bells for service.


Here is the link to Webshots for the pictures I made.  I owe Cars a great deal of gratitude for his directing me to the Fuji camera.  It has been a real joy to use.

Hot Springs Trip

Mark H

Enjoy the nature that is around you rather than destroying it.


Thanks for the tour!  Which Fuji are you using?

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Fuji 5200.  This is the model that Cars touted highly.  I owe him one.   8)