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Another (yawn) Ubuntu
« on: September 03, 2006, 00:10 hrs »
I guess I must be downloading the wrong Ubuntu Linux--->the last 6 ones in a row. Ubuntu is a runaway #1 Linux distro, but it is not with me.  I thought this one would be differnet, but the only change was that it required a DVD to contain the nearly 4gigs of files.  It also is a bootable Live DVD/install.  The first attempt at loading was good for the better part of one minute, and then the normal failure took place.  The resolution would not match my Samsung monitor, and I got the usual bouncy error message that grinds across the screen like a screensaver that the resolution was incorrect.  I decided, as before, to try to get it to load into my other PC on the Sony monitor.  I set it to the exact resolution and was finally able to get an Ubuntu loaded and viewable.  Unfortunately, the resolution that came up was not the 1280X1024 that I chose but the very bland 800X600, which is the default basic driver.  Changing the resolution requires entering a command line for the particular driver package.

I am sorry folks, but I am not going to waste my time on a distro that does not properly identify the drivers when the correct input is made.  There simply are many others out there of lower popularity that do it right the first time without command line scripting and with much better desktop appearance.  Even PCLinux LiveCD has adopted the appearance oriented desktop, although it does remain a bit buggy on hanging when some applications are clicked.