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Connecting mouse to notebook

Started by LugwidVanB, May 17, 2009, 02:30 hrs

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I got good feedback regarding my assisting a lady friend in trying to connect a printer to her HP Pavilion Notebook so it would operate wireless. I have another question. Assuming the notebook has a free USB port (I don't have access to the notebook at the moment) can I install and operate a Microsoft IntelliPoint 4.0 wireless mouse without installing any other hardware or software? I bought the thing years ago but it wouldn't work on my win98 computer. Thanks for any input.


The Intellipoint software is available for free from a variety of places on the web.  The mouse will work better with the software than without.

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I'm glad you mentioned that because I have the cd (ver 4.1) that came with the mouse and while the thing seems to be half way working it is useless. The cursor freezes and yiou have to right click it toi get it moving. Invariably the cursor is frozen over something so that when I click something bad happens. The cursor is also slow. If I can't find software that makes it work without constantly right clicking I will just dump this thing in the garbage bin where it needs to go and use the fingerpad.


I found a later version (5._) and dl it. It had no effect. I meant to say I have to constantly left click, not right click. I don't know what others have experienced with this mouse but it has been a piece of junk from day one.