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Started by Ace, February 21, 2009, 09:43 hrs

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As usual, I've seen none of this year's films in a theatre.  Or, theater.  I think the only Oscar nominated one was The Dark Knight.  So, I'm at a loss of whom will win what. 

I gotta say, The Dark Knight was visually stunning and otherwise empty.  Batman seems to be the 3rd place supporting actor character, with the Joker the lead.  And although I enjoyed the supersonic thumping sounds his fists make, I found the bizarre Wookie deep throat vocal inflections just weird, and distracting... Sort of like Dirty Harry growling through Metallica's PA.  And the ending where Batman takes the fall for Harvey's revenge killings was another "huh?"

My sister in law saw Slumdog Squarepants, but I don't have any desire to see anything of India, let alone the bad side of town.  My understanding of Benjamin Button is that Brad Pitt begins life as an old man, and then grows progressively younger.  Until he becomes a child, and is adopted by Angelina Jolie.  The Reader has Kate Winslett as a Nazi seductress.  I wish they had those in COD World At War.  I remember in Castle Wolfenstein there were some hot barmaids, and you could kick them and actually kill them that way.

Seeing Meryl Streep as a pinched face shrew nun doesn't thrill me, as that's pretty much how I envision her anyway.  Nor Sean Penn as a mincing Milk.  Criminy, there was enough of that last week in Moulin Rouge

Since I have to wait for purchase, I did obtain and watch No Country for Old Men, I Am Legend, and The Orphanage recently.  No Country is fun, but dang it ends suddenly and short.  I Am Legend also just sort of stops.  And BeWare of The Orphanage; geez Louise I did not know this one has subtitles, in the fun way of The Labyrinth.  If I wanted to read a movie I'd buy the book.  Or probably should just learn Spanish and then I could listen along.  And it was not that scary; just involved (sorta like The Others).  But not in English. 

As far as the dinner thing, we'll probably get a cheap sirloin and wine.  We both have colds, so the wine probably won't have the usual thrill.

Ace; or particularly medicinal qualities.
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I don't remember ever watching the Oscars, not sure why, just must have been elsewhere.

I did like watching the Batman and No Country for Old Men was a hoot. I thought my wife was going to get up and leave during I am Legend, but she toughed it out. Just too intense I guess. Watched the Orphanage just the other day, I liked it alright. Not as much as Pan though.

I'd vote for Burn After Reading, that was a slick film.
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