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Hooking up my Sony Vaio to a plasma TV problem.

Started by Korny_kid71, September 10, 2008, 23:04 hrs

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Hi all;

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio FW140D, its a neat laptop and it just so happens to come equipped with an HDMI port. Naturally i want to hook this up to my Pioneer PDP-5080HD plasma TV, this all seems like a good idea...accept for the fact that it doesnt work  :-\ lol. i have gone to settings and set up a dual display cloning the laptop signal onto the TV, my laptop doesnt say anything is wrong but yet the TV says "NO OR BAD SIGNAL". I know this is a new laptop but i know that people have been hooking up their computers to their TV's via DMI-HDMI cables with no problems...why is my strictly HDMI cable set up not working? In the sony store they have the laptop hooked up to an LCD via an hdmi cable...and it works no problem. Is there some sort of special precaution i should use because i have a plasma? The laptop adjusts its settings automatically, so it changes its resolution to a resolution that is compatible with the TV...just an additional note.