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Browser Freezes When I Adjust Volume

Started by alextong, April 29, 2008, 19:16 hrs

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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a HP Pavillion dv2854 laptop.  I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit with SP 1.

Whenever I am listening to streaming audio/video (eg. youtube, google video) through a browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) and change the volume using the touchpad above the keyboard, the browser freezes for a good minute or two, until returning back to normal.  At this time, my sound stops, as it appears there's a major lag in registering my volume adjustment.

I can change the volume just fine by clicking the volume icon in the taskbar.

I can also change the volume using the touchpad just fine when listening to audio from a CD, mp3's, etc..  It's just the streaming video/audio that's affected. 

I've uninstalled and reiinstalled my sound drivers, but it still doesn't work.

Does anyone have suggestions as to going about this problem?


Nevermind, the problem has been resolved.  It was the Quick Touch software that was the issue.  I uninstalled it, and there is no more lag.  Disabling quick touch also eliminates the volume bar indicator that appears whenever sound is changed.