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The Zoo

Started by pat, March 16, 2008, 16:51 hrs

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Not sure if going to the zoo counts as a dinner and a movie?

Anyway went over to the Lincoln Park Zoo yesterday. It's a nice quiet little place right downtown in Chicago, admission is free if you can find a place to park, otherwise you pony up to park at the zoo, not too bad, cost me $16 for the few hours we were there.

I like the Naked Mole Rats the best, they are just too cool. The way they live like ants or termites in the colonies with just the one breeding female and male and all the others are just workers is just so different from any other species of mammal. The female was very pregnant but was still able to assert her dominance over the others with no problem. They have a great display of them there, made my day.

For dinner we went to RJ Grunts, we split the pulled pork sandwich and a Reuben, mighty tasty. Some of the best pulled pork and corned beef I've ever had and the home made potato chips ranked right up there.
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I'm thinking that's better than "pulled naked Mole Rat."  That just sounds icky.  It'd make even Erin go braghhhh.

You got a jump on St. Patty's day, with corned beef early.  We're having ours tomorrow, with Guinness Stout.  I really like Stout, but I don't care for the Draught very much as it's sooo smooth it's almost not even there. 

I never thought of having a rat zoo; I guess that's kinda like a flea circus, as far as critters most people wouldn't want to see that much of.  I went to Brookfield Zoo when I was a kid, but never to Lincoln Park.  I wonder if you jump up on the fence and taunt the Mole Rats, will they attack?  Like a Tiger, would? 

Ace; Tiger attacked again today, and won as usual.
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