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Updated problem Quantex N30W BIOS

Started by coloradojack, March 08, 2008, 22:33 hrs

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 I have a Quantex n30w that has been a workhorse for a number of years.  Unfortunately, the Toshiba 18 gb hdd died recently.  My efforts to install a newer 120 gb wd are to no avail as the bios will not recognize the drive.  I can't figure out what to do at this point.  I noted that 7 years ago there was some traffic on this site about using a Dell upgrade, but can I do it if I cannot get my computer to boot up?  I have a Windows 98 SE startup disk, and can access the BIOS with the old (nonfunctioning) hdd installed, but not with the new one.  Any thoughts and/or ideas.  I have been thinking of installing Linus Ubutu on it, but not until I can get a functioning hdd.  Also, are there drivers for the installed monitor, modem, soundcard, etc., and do I need them in XP or Linux?  I don't have the manuals, and seem to recall they were a bit sketchy anyway...or maybe my memory is what's sketchy. 



Early Q BIOS definitely limited HD size. You might try a HD under 30g.  Are you certain the problem is the HD? 

Chandler, a member here, used to maintain a site for Q users and may be of help with a source for drivers. 

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The computer had XP loaded on it before the hdd quit.  I can load ubantu on it from the cdd, and even connect a usb drive to it.  I can just not boot, read, store, etc., with the hdd.