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Wireless Router Problems....

Started by brokenspindle, February 14, 2008, 15:46 hrs

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Hi, I have a Belkin G wireless router that has been pretty sweet since I purchased it late 2007. However, this week my lappy (Dell 6400) has been having trouble connecting to the Belkin. Quick trip to the store for a replacement, but same problem. I can however connect to other wireless networks, but not my home network. Calls to Belkin's helpline haven't helped either. So....poasters, my last shot before I replace the dang thing tomorrow for another model.....any ideas?


Straight swap for another Belkin G. D/L Network Magic, no joy as my lappy is not picking up my router's presence. Just going to replace the dang thing for another make/model today....spent far too long trying to figure this out. Cheers for the heads up re: Network Magic, will be using that in future.


Yep, was free ;D i'm now the proud owner of a Netgear WTG624, bloody ugly though! All set up and running smoothly. For any other UK poasters who experience similar problems with Belkin G router and Virgin Media, check... http://www.virginmedia.com/help/belkin.php