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Man Is This Good!

Started by Whizbang, December 04, 2007, 15:55 hrs

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I'd hate to sing a duet with a dead guy, in case people would say he was better.

That was nice, but something happened with Celine Dion this holiday season that sent shivers down my sleeves.  She was on the Lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree special, in a night-club like setting.  And after warbling through a seasonal tune did something truly mystifying, yet horrific.  She decided to do "Alone" by Heart.  Why that would work for Christmas, ya got me...  But what was even stranger was she did it like the big rock ballad it is. And she's posing, and bellowing, and we're wondering "why is she doing this arena rock display on this intimate stage...?"  It was so many shades of wrong, it hurt. 

Ace; she should've done it alone. In a closet.
Ring bells for service.


The thing that is most "attractive" about Celine's voice is the fragility of it.  I don't think she should ever attempt singing anything without some good backup because she always has the aura of being overwhelmed by it all.  I know it is just Celine, but I guess it must have all caught up with her at the wrong time, the one time she should have been doing it in a shower, I suppose.


Well, now... if she's going to do the next special singing in the shower, I just may watch that.  Shoot, I'd probably tape Celtic Women if they were performing in a shower.  Even a bath.

Heck, a hot tub, for that matter.  That would make the season bright.  Probably melt some of the ice up here, too. 

ace; but not in a water closet, if I remember what that means in England.

Ring bells for service.