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Static Shock Freezing My Laptop? Concerned

Started by fletch33, November 28, 2007, 10:00 hrs

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i use a laptop at work that i also take everywhere else with me but only at work do i have this problem. when i come back from walking down the carpeted hall and touch my laptop i get a slight shock every so often. it seems more lately when this shock happens my macbook will completely freeze up and my only option is to hold down the power button and restart it.

as you can imagine this is a problem not only because i loose all the work on my desktop that i have not saved but i am concerned that it may damage my machine.

anyone have an idea on what to do about this?

i tried spraying my office floor with static guard but it didnt do much good and the fumes were unbearable



While this may sound obvious, find something around your desk that can serve to ground you- a heating or A/C duct or something else metal that is grounded- and touch it before returning to your laptop.

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very obvious  :D i dont know how it didnt cross my mind before because the laptop is always the first thing i go to when i get back to my desk. i will try some random items that are in reach to see if that helps.