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*** STOP: 0*00000024 error on Dell inspiron 630m Please help

Started by luvsituk, October 29, 2007, 04:24 hrs

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I am getting the following blue screen error on my laptop

*** STOP: 0*00000024 (0*001190203, 0*862F6CA0, 0*C0000102* 0*00000000)

It is preventing me from booting up in safe mode.  It is also preventing me from running CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption.  I dont even know how to run CHKDSK /F. I have tried the BIOS done the all the options with F2,F8 and F12, also run the diognositics which came up clean.  Windows will just not load everytime it brings me back to the blue screen. 

This problem started when I was working of the battery and when the battery ran out i plugged the laptop to run of the mains.  I switched on the machine which bought me to the screen I was working on everything was fine, then when i tried to log on to the net it said it had no internet connectivity, so i restarted the machine.  This is where the problem started and the blue screen where the *** STOP: 0*00000024 came up on the blue screen.

Now i am stuck and I need some help to fix this as I have my uni disertation on it.

Thanks in advance.



Can you boot from a CD?

If you have access to another PC there is a Dell diagnostic programme that you can download in ISO format and burn to a CD.  You should then be able to boot from that and get some idea of what is wrong.  It is available on the Dell website and there may be more detailed instructions.

Another option is to boot from a Win XP CD (assuming you are using XP) and select the repair option.

Let us know how you get on.

EDIT: Sorry, just reread and noticed that you ran diagnostics and it was clean.  You could try burning a OS CD such as Knoppix and booting from that.  You could then try and read your dissertation and other files from there.  If you can read them then I would hastily back them up to a CD/DVD, USB stick or external hard drive before going any further.
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