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I Just Fell in Love with Christmas Again!!!

Started by Whizbang, October 06, 2007, 13:18 hrs

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Nuff Said.  Ace made me find this.   Screechers?  I would say they can screech at me anytime.    :)


Oh, I didn't make you do anything.  You know you wanted to. 

Although it's way too early for the holidays (even Halloween) I liked watching them.  They did go ultrasonic after a few minutes, so I wound up turning it off since I couldn't hear them any more and it was the normal slow download.  I sure don't need to hear anyone promoting snow, though.  It would be kinda cool today though, here, since it's gonna be around 90. 

I like the diversity, too.  Blond, brunette, redhead...  I wouldn't mind finding one in my Christmas stocking.

Ace; although I'd have to wonder what she'd be doing wearing my socks.

Ring bells for service.


Here is a much better version.  I think the conductor got so excited that he fell off the piano stool.