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Pesky keyboard issue.

Started by Mr Motivator., August 15, 2007, 18:18 hrs

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Mr Motivator.

First of all Hello to everyone here at the poasters forum, seems like a nice little community thing going on here  ;

So i think i'll dive right into the problem im having.

Ive had my laptop for about 10 months now and up until recently ive had no major problems with it, but recently for no apparent reason some of the keys fail to work on my laptop's keyboard.

Now this has never ever been an issue in the past and has happened to about 7 individual keys at once, some of these are keys such as the c,v and m and also everyone of the arrow keys.

The keys are clean i have checked everything like that with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what needs to be done for this problem to be rectified?

Any help would be absolutely fantastic. Cheers. Aaron.


Hello yourself and welcome to poasters.

What is the make and model? Is it still under warranty?

You should be able to connect a USB keyboard to your laptop to rule out a software problem, but a suspect you have a hardware problem with your keyboard.
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