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cd drive problem!! help
« on: June 29, 2001, 01:34 hrs »
When trying to play a game that requires the cd to run, it won't run even though the cd is in. Windows ME by the way on a dell 8100, nec dv-5700a dvd drive, also wont work in the cd-r or dvd-r drives, the two games are Caesar III and Fifa 2000. I know I could just use a no-cd patch but finding out why this is happening would be priority number one. I did install a 3d eyeglass system from cybertronics, which could possibly be the problem as before that the games worked, at least I think because I hadn't actually played Fifa until I acquired the glasses which was 3 months prior to me installing them(glasses), so the game might not have run from the cd the 3 months ago either, also I upgraded to a gig of ram, and added 4 new usb ports, and three SCI FireWave firewire ports. but I hardly think that any of those caused it. alright im blabbing on, any help is appreciated, thank you