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Spyware Blaster
« on: Jun 02, 2003, 04:06 PM »
Spyware Blaster cures the problem that "SpyBot - Search and Destroy" aims to remedy.  It stops spyware from ever getting on your system to begin with!

One day I discovered that Xupiter had somehow managed to install itself onto my computer.  How it got there I don't know.  Maybe I just clicked "Yes" to one of those ActiveX Installation prompts in a drunken stupour. ???

So I downloaded SpyBot - Search and Destroy, which is available from Poasters Downloads and it removed Xupiter.  SpyBot is another noteworthy program, it discovered more Spyware than Ad-Aware managed to, so it replaces the latter on my system now.

I had previously considered disabling installation of ActiveX applets, but this had the side effect of messing up Windows Update and also Shockwave and Flash installations.  Then, I discovered SpywareBlaster.  To put it simply, it prevents malicious (or annoying) ActiveX controls (such as spyware) from being installed, in fact it doesn't even put up the annoying prompt in Internet Explorer anymore, whilst still allowing legitimate plugins such as Macromedia Flash/Shockwave to work.  It uses the "Kill Bit" method to do this.

It works flawlessly, and doesn't consume any resources, it just changes settings to block the spyware.  So far I have not been troubled at all by spyware located on web pages.  When used in conjunction with SpyBot, you have the ULTIMATE (and free) spyware protection.

The only minor difficulty I had was getting the update facility to work.  This was solved by inputting my university proxy server (cache) settings.  Home users probably shouldn't be concerned with this.

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