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Windows XP RC1/2 Review
« on: Sep 22, 2001, 12:39 AM »
I've just recieved my Microsoft XP trial pack.  It included a 30-day Office XP trial CD, Windows XP Professional RC1 (Build 2505) 180-day trial CD, Windows XP Professional RC2 18-day trial CD and Windows XP Resource CD.

I installed Windows XP RC1 this morning, and it seemed very similar to Windows 2000 during installation (fresh installation).  That was, until a couple of reboots and turned on a nice GUI setup.  It was similar to the Windows Me Upgrade (in Windows), as opposed to the ugly DOS-based installers.

It started up in a default resolution of 800x600 in 32-bit colour mode, and it was very cramped, due to the new interface changes.  I highly recommend at least 1024x768 if you're going to run this with the fancy interface changes.  I like the new Start menu, and the left hand pane shows the most recently launched shortcuts.

However, I do not like the fact that all desktop icons except for the Recycle Bin are hidden by default.  You can get these back by using the Classic Start Menu, although I'm sure there'll be another way to do it.

Underneath all of this though, it seems a lot like Windows 2000, with a new coat of paint.  Of course, the Home Edition will be a big step up from Windows 98 and Me.  I couldn't get Grand Theft Auto 2 to run in Windows 2000 and it still doesn't work in Windows XP.  NVidia drivers seem much better in Windows XP than in Windows 2000 and full Direct3D support is installed by default, courtesy of the 12.40 NVidia drivers.  AGP texture support is working too, as confirmed by the new DirectX 8.1.  Windows Media Player is now at version 8 and finally has the ability to hide the title and meny bars.

Windows XP can syncronise your computers clock with an Internet clock.

Update: I've installed RC2 now and it still seems stable.  I haven't noticed what's been changed though.

Chandler Bing

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