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McAfee Rip-off
« on: Nov 09, 2001, 09:23 AM »
I recommend that no-one buys McAfee VirusScan.  I've been considering taking this stance for a while but McAfee have just pushed it too far.

Most of you know how I've had problems with severe system slowdown when VShield is loaded.  This has not been fixed in version 6.01.

McAfee's support is really bad.  The message boards don't work, and their frequently throws up Page Not Found errors.  So, I tried to e-mail them at (which is listed in the readme file) and it got bounced back with a message saying that support is no longer offered via e-mail.

They gave a link to their web site to get support.  They expect you to pay for it with a subscription ... no thankyou.  They've now announced that 4.0.3 is End Of Life.

I guess that gives a good excuse to go and buy Norton AV.  The trial version which I downloaded had excellent performance.

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