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Norton Utilities 2002
« on: Jul 29, 2002, 11:57 AM »
I wrote this a while back but forgot to poast it

Norton Utilities 2002 is one of those pieces of software that everyone should have installed on their computer.  I got to a point in time where Windows 98SE wouldn't go for a day without giving me some sort of error message.  This was true after restoring from a backup.  I was fed up with it, and with exams looming, I didn't want to have to waste time trying to fix a non-functional computer (or losing coursework!), so I went out and bought Norton Utilities 2002.

I have to say that I cannot fault it at all!  Since installing it three months ago, I have had only enough errors (yes Illegal Operation included) that you would be able to count them on one hand! (yes I know that the grammer there was bad!).

The disk defragmenter is far superior to that which is included with Windows 98SE (it managed to do it's work in 10 minutes and you tell the difference in speed - Windows' defrag spent a whole afternoon and the disk was just as slow).  It is able to rearrange files in order of relevance, so the Windows swap file (which Norton Utilities fixes at a certain size if you let it) is put on the fastest part of the disk, and then Programs and DLL's etc.  You can customize this, but the defaults are just right in my opinion.  In addition to file system optimisations, NU2002 can also rearrange the structure of the registry so that it can be accessed faster.

Norton Disk Doctor is similar to Microsoft Scandisk and in terms of speed, there doesn't seem to be much difference.  However, it isn't interrupted as much as Scandisk is (with Scandisk I frequently have to boot into Safe Mode to get it to check disks.  Windows Me is a real pain after a bad shutdown since Scandisk runs in Windows rather than DOS)

The System Check and WinDoctor are similar (so much so they ought to be combined into a single utility) and they give your computer the equivalent of an MOT, to clear out bad links and invalid registry entries.

There is Norton System Doctor which is one of those "always running" things.  I have turned this off, because they drain away resources which are better used for your other programs - remember Windows 98 has a limited number of resources no matter how much RAM you install.

There are a few more tools, including a registry changes monitor and editor, along with file shredder and system information tools.  Norton Utilities can also keep itself updated by checking via the Internet and downloading the appropriate updates.

One last point, Norton Utilities also backs up important system files - regularly.  Windows does this but often registry backups will have been made when the OS was installed.  When I turned on my PC tonight, there was a Registry error (in that the registry files didn't exist!)  The Windows backups were no good, but ran the batch file which NU2002 had created the day before and Windows started up perfectly.  In fact, all of the changes which I had done not long before I switched it off yesterday were still intact.

If you don't have a package like this, then I highly recommend buying one.  It can also be purchased as Norton SystemWorks 2002 which also includes Norton AntiVirus 2002, but if you already have then it would be a waste of money.

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