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« on: Jan 13, 2004, 03:35 PM »
Does your Internet Explorer respond slowly?  Does it crash frequently?  Are you getting random popups when doing nothing at all?  Do you have a toolbar which you can't get rid of?

If your answers are Yes, then it might be worth taking a look at ToolBarCop.  I discovered this when trying to solve a problem for a friend who had a toolbar which couldn't be removed.

You can remove any unnescessary toolbars such as "" and its variants (Spybot S&D and SpywareBlaster help here too) easily and safely without resorting to modifying the registry by hand.

In addition to toolbar removal, you can also enable/disable BHO (browser helper objects) and even the right-click context menu and toolbar buttons (such as the orphaned Yahoo! Messenger icon which may be left over).

This is a powerful utility and could cause serious damage to your Internet Explorer so take special care when deleting toolbars.  Anything relating to Acrobat reader, Norton and McAfee should be left well alone, along with the standard toolbars (Address, Links, Radio etc.)

It did solve my friend's problem, he had tried Ad-Aware but it wouldn't remove the toolbar for some reason.  I've now given him the information for SpywareBlaster too (reviewed a few months back), so his computer should stay pretty clean from now on.

Grab it from here:

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