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Utility: Sam Spade 1.14
« on: Aug 14, 2001, 05:47 AM »
Sam Spade for Windows 1.14

Sam Spade for Windows is a freeware network query tool for your desktop, and is based on the impressive collection of Steve Atkins' online tools for security and mail abuse investigation. The good news is, you don't have to be a Unix administrator to use these tools, as it's all nicely packaged in a GUI.

Like the film detective it gets its moniker from, Sam Spade provides the tools to allow you to investigate, discover clues, deduce implications and work to discover the truth about where your email comes from.


Ping a network host

Domain Name Server(DNS) lookup - forward and reverse


IP Block - similar to whois, lets you find who owns entire blocks of IP addys

Dig - advanced DNS, sometimes gives extra info


Finger - lookup a user on a remote unix system

SMTP Verify - verify if an email addy is valid and whether it's being forwarded to other addys.

Time - check local time on a remote server

Blacklist - check if a particular addy is listed in the MAPS blacklist

Abuse lookup - find email addy for the abuse department of a particular domain

DNS Zone transfer - ask a DNS server for all the information it has about a domain by querying the authoritative servers for that domain.

SMTP relay check - check for SMTP port allowing third-party relays (a common spamming technique that exploits misconfigured network mail servers)

Scan addresses - scan a range of IP addys

Crawl website - download a website or search it for addys etc.

Browse web - view the raw HTML of a website

Check cancels - search your local news server for usenet cancel messages

S-language scripting - enter a script command

Decode obfuscated URLs

Email header analysis - looks for obvious forgeries (another very common spamming technique, intended to allow the spammer to hide by providing a false reply addy)

Complaint letter boilerplate mail

Spam hunting is fun, especially if you like tracing down clues, deducing relationships, and solving mysteries. A note of caution, however: these are powerful tools that can be abused, so it is important to read about, understand, and learn how to use them before you start firing off emails to overworked sysadmins. For example, always politely request that they stop permitting or abetting the transmission of spam to your inbox; never sink to the level of spamming the spammer. There are numerous online tutorials on how to hunt spam, including some good ones at the website. Now, go find that spammer!

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