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Opera 6
« on: Dec 01, 2001, 08:40 PM »
I've only been using Opera 6 for a couple of days but that's enough to give it a couple of thumbs up. Today on a blissfully stable install of XP, I've been running it side by side with IE 6 and it is noticeably faster. Opera's site claims it's even faster than the 5.x series, and after browsing on a typically slow Saturday night, I'll have to agree. And 6.0 is completely compatible with XP as well as earlier versions of Windows.

The new interface is sleek, even more customizable, and downright gorgeous. More features have been added without bloat. Now you have the option whenever opening it (not just after a crash) to resume browsing where you were when Opera last closed. You also can choose the old-fashioned Single Document Interface like IE and Netscape if for some reason you don't like the Multiple Document Interface. Brain damage is the only reason I can see, but you do have the choice. You can also disable those annoying popup ads now with the click of a preference. Other features can be viewed at the link above.

XP users, if you're not the sort willing to be roped into the whole Microsoft Passport\Messenger mess that's piled on top of IE6, Opera 6 appears to be a stable, smarter alternative.

"Simply the Best Internet Experience"? I'm not going to argue.

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