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Still Freezing Up
« on: Feb 16, 2001, 02:39 AM »
Hi everybody, well I did a total reformat and installed WinME from scratch.  It was fine for a little while then it started freezing up (again)  The only thing I've noticed is that in the Device Manager there is an (!) next to my onboard video, so I've "disabled it in this profile" and now there is an (x) over it - so I'm thinking that that is not it.

I'm installing the beta drivers for the 3DFX 4500 card just to see if that helps.  But, if it doesn't I"m curious to see if it could be a faulty cable (not sure where to start), or something like that.  It's a Quantex with a M6TWL System Board with the 810e chipset.  I've tried going in thru the bios and set it to "use PCI card", but it evidently still looks on the board for the video.  wierd!

Suggestions appreciated.