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« on: Nov 16, 2000, 03:17 PM »
Find the line containing the reference to the driver (in system.ini) and REM it out or delete the reference, if you have the problem after removing a piece or hardware or software.


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Virtual Device Drivers
« Reply #1 on: Nov 11, 2000, 07:37 PM »
This is a good one:

On boot up tonight I got the cold sweat text: System INI file refers to a device file which no longer exists,bla, bla, needed to run windows,Reinstall the device,etc,etc.



(Both are Virtual device drivers in system 8/7/98)

Luckily I had a back up of System an a CD (Many thanks Bear),and restored them to System so the bootup entry problem is solved....However for the life of me I cannot imagine what they are associatd with as I haven't removed anything today and the problem just started up tonight.

Is there any way to find the prog or app with these files...Tried Scuzzys  Encyclopedia but no luck.

Any ideas appreciated.....Pete

PS: Hey, I really like this Preview option, greatst thing since Suthern fried chittlins