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"Plotter Problem"
« on: Jan 31, 2001, 09:50 AM »
OK, this may not be in anyone here's area of expertise but maybe someone can provide a link that'll help me out. Or, even better yet, maybe I'm wrong and someone here does know the solution to my problem.

I've got an old pen plotter (HP7570A) that has been working fine for the three or four years that I've had it. All of a sudden it won't plot from my CAD programs (or maybe it's more accurate to say it plots garbage from three different CAD programs I have).

My set-up is a Q-350, 128 mg RAM, Win98. The plotter is on Com1 which it shares with my digital camera through an A/B switch. This A/B switch setup is about a year old and has, until now, worked just fine (when I remember to turn the switch...;)).  

Now to the strange part. I can plot from a Word doc to my plotter and it plots fine, if only text is involved. I can print (LPT1) to my HP820CSE printer from both Word and from any of the CAD programs just fine. But I get an "original" Picaso when sending from CAD to Plotter.  I've also rechecked the camera and it still works fine on its side of the A/B.

I've checked all the settings I could think of, reloaded the driver, ran the built-in test programs both on the plotter and in the driver (they work fine). Unfortunately, HP is of no help!

Geeez, this is toooo long. If anybody has any ideas or knows where I might go for help, please poast.  I'M LOST...

Don G
Don G