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Choppy DVD advice
« on: Jan 13, 2001, 10:17 PM »
If you are experiencing choppy DVD, make sure your 'DMA' is enabled.--> In the device manager, under 'CD-ROM', check the properties. On the settings tab, make sure that there is a check in 'DMA'.

If you have installed another device on the same cable(IDE port) as the DVD drive, such as a CD burner or another hard drive, sometimes the 2 together cannot use DMA. If you put the check in DMA, reboot, and the check is gone, try removing the second device, leaving the DVD player only. And BlueIce is right...800x600, 16-bit color is optimal. And more memory helps, such as 128Meg+.

And if anyone buys a computer with DVD in it, request a DVD decoder card rather than relying on SoftDVD, which uses the CPU. More money, but less hassle. But that is my options.

Just a bit of advice, hope it helps...I have been asked this quite a bit in my e-mail box.

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