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How To Repair Internet Explorer
« on: Dec 05, 2002, 07:53 AM »
If you're like most IE users, at some point your browser will start doing some strange things!  When it does, the way IE integrates itself with Windows limits your options considerably.  The last resort is usually to re-install Windows, but here's a simpler thing to try first (and you should only perform these steps if you're having problems with your browser!):

For Windows 95/98/ME:
Close all open programs, your system will want to reboot when this completes.  Go into the Control Panel, then run the Add/Remove Programs wizard.  Scroll down to find Microsoft Internet Explorer, then click Add/Remove.  When prompted, select Repair.  It should then check and repair the component files, and prompt you to restart after it completes.  Note: If this doesn't solve your problems on the first try, repeat the above steps three or four times again.

For Windows 2000/XP:
The instructions to repair or re-install IE in Windows 2000/XP can be found here:;en-us;318378