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DVD Region Killer
« on: Aug 08, 2002, 04:22 AM »
This software can be downloaded from elby Software

If you're a home video nut, then this free software will probably interest you.  You are probably aware about DVD Region Coding, whereby North America/Canada is R1, Europe is R2 and Australia is R4 (along with all of the others).  You may also know that it's not possible to play a DVD from another region other than what your player is set to.

On the PC, there have been many solutions for this, but this is the best one yet, and it works pefectly on all Windows platforms, including XP.  You must, however, have a Region-Free drive, which means it must be RPC1 and not RPC2.  All drives on sale now are RPC2, but around 95% of them have now got RPC1 firmware, which can be downloaded from The Firmware Page.

Most "solutions" will not work with titles which check for a specific region, since the players are usually set to Region 0 beforehand.  DVD Region Killer is better because it intercepts the DVD before passing it to the decoder software, and sets the correct region.

I've used a test disc, which can check for this type of protection, and I can confirm that it certainly does work.  It runs as a system tray icon, and you can change the default region simply by right-clicking on this icon and choosing a new one, in case it selects the wrong one.  It does however features auto-selection.  Setting the default region is only used for discs which double check the region information.

All-in-all I highly recommend downloading this software.  It's from the same people who wrote CloneCD (another great product).  Just be sure to install the latest version of CloneCD if you use CloneCD, because otherwise there will be a conflict.